Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow way!!!

Yes way!!!

Today in Winchestertonfieldville (that's Northern Michigan) the weather has been intense. I didn't have to go any where (a severe case of kick-my-#&$ bronchitis has me laid up in bed...still), but I thought I'd listen to the news at 6:00 am, as my honey was off to work. Turns out every college, high school, middle school, elementary school, day care and alternative education site from Mackinaw to Scottville (and probably radio coverage is only that far) was closed.

THEN...for the first time EVER in my life...I actually got to listen to the Emergency Broadcast Network as it interrupted the news for EMERGENCY INFORMATION!!! Let me tell you, after 30 years of training, having to listen to those ANNOYING beeps and then being told 'If this had been a real emergency...', I was prepared!! Today the Michigan State Police AND the Michigan Department of Transportation issued warnings for ALL vehicles to be off the road. Whoa! Since my man works for American Waste, and since they drive garbage trucks and semi-trucks, he worked around the shop from 6am-12pm, then came home, because they couldn't haul anymore recycling to the center! Wow...his first snow day at American Waste :)

So anyway, apparently there were 50 mph whiteouts and crazy drifts (Matt said there was 1" of snow on one side of my car and a 12" drift on the other!). Not much was happening here in Northern Michigan. Not that I would know. I'm still in bed. Hacking. Do you have any idea how many muscles you have between your boobs and your belly button?? You'll never know until you cough incessantly for three days. Then they get sore.

Okay, that's enough. I'm getting loopy. It's time for a nap. Again. Till then...stay warm!! (It's finally 5 degrees at my house!!! It was -1 earlier...with -21 wind chill. Alright, I know I said I was done, but Matt just came in pouting. He's trying to get to the store, but everything is frozen shut! He tried pouring boiling water over the doorhandle and lock, but its freezing so quickly it won't work!! Poor baby :( Okay...I think it's funny, hee, hee).

Nappy time!

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