2014 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas! I apologize for the delay in getting you our latest edition of the Beery Holiday News. My aunt Linda moved in with us in September 2012, and it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride since then: I quit my job to take care of her and put more effort into my freelance writing and editing business, then I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. Most of my efforts went into keeping the house clean, working, and spending time with Matt and Linda. I succeeded on two of three fronts.

Now that I have the hang of things, I decided to once again send out Christmas cards and letters. It’s hard enough to summarize one year, though, so I decided not to try to summarize two years. Instead, attached is the Friendship Quiz, a ten question, multiple choice quiz that will determine how well we’ve stayed in touch and if we are, in fact, friends. The answers and score sheet are on the back, but NO CHEATING!

1. In early 2012, after five years at American Waste, Matt left the recycling world to take a job doing what?
A. Grand Traverse Beauty College – he’s a professional guinea pig for students
B. Wood & Water Design – he’s a landscaper
C. Munson Medical Center – he does outdoor maintenance at the hospital
D. Fulltime dumpster diver

2. Linda and I love to go to the movies! What’s her new favorite movie?
A. Frozen          B. Freezin         C. The 100 Foot Journey         D. 12 Years A Slave

3. Karin works from home as a freelance editor. What are her editorial specialties?
A. Memoirs and picture books                          B. Fiction and business writing
C. Poetry and picture books                               D. To-do lists and business cards

4. Matt works part-time selling Legos. As part of his new business/obsession, he’s discovered many online forums and now associates himself with which group?
A. AFOL – Adult Fan of Legos                             B. BBB – Better Brick Buyers
C. LA – Legos Anonymous                                   D. MWL – Men Without Lives

5. Linda loves sports, and she loves going to Traverse City Beach Bums baseball games. What’s the most exciting thing to happen to her at a Bums game?
A. Kisses from Suntan and Sunburn                              B. Being hit by a foul ball
C. Finishing the 1lb. hot dog                               D. Too many hard ciders

6. Karin’s career continues to progress! What big step did she take this year?
A. Self-publishing her first novel                     
B. Signed a contract with a literary agent
C. Changed professions – she dances now 
D. Wrote a children’s book illustrated by Linda 

7. Yooper Stewart continues to impress.
Not only did he attract the attention of a TV producer
in New York, he also adopted a bit of a catch phrase.
What can YS be heard saying around the house?
A. You’re right, I’m wrong.                                   B. Camo power!
C. Legos Schmegos                                                  D. Totes adorbs

8. When Linda and I visit my family in Vegas, there are certain people and places she must see. In order of importance (from most to least), what does she like to do in Vegas?
A. Spend time with her sister                            B. Go to the M&Ms store
C. See the families’ dogs, Izzy and Ginger    D. Visit with her grandniece and nephew

9. Karin and Matt took up a new hobby this summer when they received what as a gift?
A. Kayaks         B. Tandem bike            C. Hula hoops                D. Roller skates

10. It took two years, but Midgie finally hangs out in Linda’s room with Linda and Bucket. Why do Midgie and Bucket like Linda’s room so much?
A. The views out the windows                          B. For the petting
C. There’s always catnip on the floor             D. All of the above

Answer Key:
1. C – lawns in the summer, shovels and salt tubs in the winter.
2. TRICK QUESTION! Her favorite movie is Frozen – give yourself a point – but she calls it Freezin. Give yourself two points if you got that right!
3. B – Fiction and business. Makes perfect sense.
4. A – although he might qualify for D.
5. B – the ball is on her tchotchke shelf if you want to see it.
6. B – Karin is now represented by WordWise Media. Next step – publication!
7. D – You’re totes adorbs. I’m totes adorbs. We’re all totes adorbs!
8. Correct order: C, D, B, A – The last three can be in any order, but C MUST be first.
9. A – Life is good when you’re two blocks from the nearest lake.
10. D – that was a gimme.

Score Your Friendship:
8-10 correct: You know us well! We can consider you a friend. (Friends send birthday cards…with money).
5-7 correct: We’re close acquaintances, on the verge of genuine friendship. A little more quality time and we could take that next step. (Sending birthday cards with money will push you right over that edge.)
3-4 correct: We’ve obviously just met. Don’t worry. You’re in for a treat. We’re awesome. (Our birthdays are in February, November, and December).
0-2 correct: Hmmm. I’m not really sure why you received this card. Please notify us if you’d like to unsubscribe to future Christmas letters.

Thanks for your love and friendship, and have a blessed Christmas!


Matt, Karin, Linda, Bucket, and Midgie

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