Thursday, June 11, 2015

How To Move Your Fathead (and other wall stickers)

As you may be aware, Aunt Linda loves Disney's Frozen (you can see proof of that here). One of her many decorations is a set of wall decals/stickers/Fatheads that she received for Christmas. While they work great on the wall - you can move and reuse them without damaging your walls - I realized we were going to have a problem moving them.

As you can see in reference to the window, these things aren't small. They're also sticky. So ... how do you move approximately three dozen wall stickers across the country without ruining them?

Welcome to the wonderful world of laminating paper (brand name, Con-Tact Paper).

Any good child of the 90s used different styles of Con-Tact paper to cover the most boring of accessories. Any serious English major who wanted to keep her books for the long haul learned to use the clear stuff to cover and protect her paperback books. All that to say I'm very familiar with the stuff and just happened to have a roll in my office supplies. 

The roll inspired me ...

Con-Tact paper has a nice smooth surface (it made all of my paperback books water resistant). I wondered how the wall stickers would work on the Con-Tact paper.


I shot a nice video to show how well this idea worked, but it's stuck on my phone (I've tried to upload to YouTube, Facebook, and my Google drive, all without success - sorry!). You'll just have to take my word for it. The stickers stay in place and peel off nicely, allowing Aunt Linda to take all of her stickers with her to her next home.

Once the stickers are in place, just roll up the paper and it's ready for easy transport.

Okay Aunt Linda - Elsa, Anna, Sven, Kristoff, and Olaf are ready for you!

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Anonymous said...

Great idea! Linda will be so happy. KB