Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christm..HUAHHHH!!!!

Merry Christmas!

I'm at my parents house this year and the place is PACKED!! We've got 8-10 adults at any given time, 2 kids and 5 cats. With only four bedrooms and two full bathrooms, its a tight squeeze. Especially this year...

We've got a few family traditions that I look forward to each year (in detail in one of my previous posts), but just to recap: opening gifts on Christmas Eve, Shrimp & Baby Back ribs...I enjoy them. However, in the recent years we've adopted a new tradition that we'd all like to elminiate as it seems to escalate with each passing year. For the last 4-5 Christmases someone is ALWAYS sick. [Please stop reading if you have a weak constitution] I'm not just talking "take two Tylenol and call me in the morning" sick; I mean crumpled on the couch, rolled in a ball, blowin' it out from both ends kind of sick. And its getting worse.

Lets review the most memorable years. I think it was 2003 and I had to share a room with Cammie. She and my mom both got sick that year. I got to share a room with her as she spent the night rocking on her bed moaning, "Oh God, oh God, oh God. I'm gonna die. Violet (her cat), Violet, I'm gonna die." That was a fun night for me. Got up the next morning and Michelle and my dad tried their hands at the Christmas Roast. Please Mom, don't get sick again.

Last year Cammie was pregnant. For three months she ate and puked up apples...Christmas was no exception.

And now we can add the great epidemic of 2006: the "It-wasn't-the-turkey Outbreak". Once again (I'm seeing a trend here) Cammie got things started; a few hours later she took out my husband, Matt. We thought it was the turkey they'd eaten. No one else had eaten it and no one else was sick - we're safe :) Yeah right. We dropped like flies: Karin, Mom, Sarah, Aunt Linda. Right now we're in a holding pattern, but there are more people coming tonight so we might be able to take a few more out with us!!!

As I thought about ways to commemorate this "happy occassion" I've decided to hand out the 2006 Puke Prizes. Here are our winners:

Fearless Leader: Cammie (thanks for getting it started)
Cutest: Sarah
Loudest: Matt (yeah, the neighbors called to thank us for sending him home)
Most Graceful: Mom
Most Honest: Aunt Linda
Biggest Pain in the A#* and Panic Freak: Michelle [yeah, the only non-sick one worth mentioning]

How your Christmas was far less eventful :)