Friday, May 29, 2015

Seasons Change - Up Next...

Christmas 2012
It's been a while since I posted here because there's been a lot going on and I've needed some time to organize my thoughts before putting together this post. It's finally time.

After two and a half years of togetherness, Aunt Linda is moving out.

It's true that she's spending the summer in Scottville, but it's bigger than that. Linda has officially moved out - her tchotchkes, t-shirts, and Frozen memorabilia. It's all gone as Linda prepares for the next phase of her life in Las Vegas.

When Linda moved in in 2012, Matt and I agreed to one year. If everything went well, we would continue to pray about the situation and take it one day at a time. Earlier this year the day came when Matt approached me. He'd been diligently praying about it and he knew it was time for all of us to enter a new season. Loosely translated, it was time for Linda to move out.

There was nothing wrong with the living situation. We weren't unhappy with Linda here and she wasn't asking to leave. It was simply God's time.

Abandoning us so she can spend more time
like this.
I won't lie - it wasn't easy for me to accept this. In fact, I cried quite a bit about it. Life with Linda had become the norm. I wasn't sure what life without her would look like, but I knew I wanted to honor my husband and honor God, so I started praying about the next phase - where ever Linda would go and whatever we would do. Then I called my mom and let her know. Two days later she sent me an email.

Not only was she ready for Linda to move in with her, Linda was ready to get out of northern Michigan and spend her golden years in the sun, shorts, and her Crocs. In all honesty, Linda's been volunteering to move to Vegas for the past year - this is hardly a sacrifice for her.

And so we're now transitioning from our mixed family of three back to a couple of D.I.N.K.s and two sisters living together again for the first time in decades. Though none of are really sure what this next season holds for us, we're all excited about the possibilities.

Just because Linda's moving out doesn't mean it will be the end our adventures though. If she has her way, I'll be in Vegas for her birthday, Christmas, my birthday, and a few other occasions throughout the year (we'll have to see what the checkbook has to say about that, but I'd be up for it). Even if I can't make it, we both know how to Skype, so I expect to stay in touch to discuss Dancing with the Stars, find out about Survivor, and cheer for the University of Michigan football team this season.

So here's to the next season and whatever it may bring.