Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christm..HUAHHHH!!!!

Merry Christmas!

I'm at my parents house this year and the place is PACKED!! We've got 8-10 adults at any given time, 2 kids and 5 cats. With only four bedrooms and two full bathrooms, its a tight squeeze. Especially this year...

We've got a few family traditions that I look forward to each year (in detail in one of my previous posts), but just to recap: opening gifts on Christmas Eve, Shrimp & Baby Back ribs...I enjoy them. However, in the recent years we've adopted a new tradition that we'd all like to elminiate as it seems to escalate with each passing year. For the last 4-5 Christmases someone is ALWAYS sick. [Please stop reading if you have a weak constitution] I'm not just talking "take two Tylenol and call me in the morning" sick; I mean crumpled on the couch, rolled in a ball, blowin' it out from both ends kind of sick. And its getting worse.

Lets review the most memorable years. I think it was 2003 and I had to share a room with Cammie. She and my mom both got sick that year. I got to share a room with her as she spent the night rocking on her bed moaning, "Oh God, oh God, oh God. I'm gonna die. Violet (her cat), Violet, I'm gonna die." That was a fun night for me. Got up the next morning and Michelle and my dad tried their hands at the Christmas Roast. Please Mom, don't get sick again.

Last year Cammie was pregnant. For three months she ate and puked up apples...Christmas was no exception.

And now we can add the great epidemic of 2006: the "It-wasn't-the-turkey Outbreak". Once again (I'm seeing a trend here) Cammie got things started; a few hours later she took out my husband, Matt. We thought it was the turkey they'd eaten. No one else had eaten it and no one else was sick - we're safe :) Yeah right. We dropped like flies: Karin, Mom, Sarah, Aunt Linda. Right now we're in a holding pattern, but there are more people coming tonight so we might be able to take a few more out with us!!!

As I thought about ways to commemorate this "happy occassion" I've decided to hand out the 2006 Puke Prizes. Here are our winners:

Fearless Leader: Cammie (thanks for getting it started)
Cutest: Sarah
Loudest: Matt (yeah, the neighbors called to thank us for sending him home)
Most Graceful: Mom
Most Honest: Aunt Linda
Biggest Pain in the A#* and Panic Freak: Michelle [yeah, the only non-sick one worth mentioning]

How your Christmas was far less eventful :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Almost ready

Okay, it's almost ready! I finally picked a blogspot name, but I don't have anything ready to publish yet. However, you can check in a week or two. The new site, set up to start (gulp) letting people read/critique my writing is:

I'll see you soon :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Facing the expectation

Wow. Here I am again, sitting at the computer, easily typing yet another blog for my site. There may be a dozen people who read this, but there may not be any. Regardless, it really is easy for me to write about nothing. I have the been blessed with the gift of bull#@&%. When it doesn't matter, when nothing is at stake I can put together as many useless words as necessary to fill a few pages.

But what if it counted? What if it meant something?

For as long as I can remember I've been writing stories. I have pages and pages of unfinished stories, started as early as the fifth grade. I wrote fantasy, romance, adventure. I even expanded some of my favorite stories, adding a ninth grade flair to Star Wars and The Three Musketeers. However, no matter what I wrote it was only for my eyes only. I've been wondering recently - supposed I let someone else read my ideas.

I don't mind keeping a blog. There's nothing I publish here that I wouldn't tell any of you to your face, but that's just my being honest in light of the current circumstances. I've been honest with my opinions, but am I secure enough to be honest with my desires? This is how my mind processes things: to tell you what I think about you/your situation requires as much courage as going to a beach in a swimsuit. To tell you what my heart and mind have created, to put it out there for your critique and possible rejection...well that's just a nude beach.

And so I wonder why I care so much. If I can be honest in one area, why not all areas? Lots of thought, lots of prayer, and I have my revelation.

I don't care about your opinion, but I'm not about to waste my time on a fruitless venture. If I'm going to let the pen loose and get the keyboard clicking then there had better be a goal, a reason for my writing. I might as well try to publish something. I used to be afraid to fail. That kept me in my room most of my life. Fear is crippling, but I'm past that. What's holding me back? Expectation. It's very liberating to realize that, just past the fear of failure lies the bog of the expectation for failure. That is truly, honestly, an icky, nasty, stinky place. So how do I get out?

I let you read it. Scary thought, but I'd rather move through the fear and allow myself to receive criticism than to stop growing and spend my life wondering.

So, I'll be publishing a new blog soon. No name yet, but I'll let you know soon.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

He didn't forget me!!!

Okay, so Matt and I are in Toronto. He's been healed of cancer, we're soaking in the glory, life is good. I feel the urge to look at my engagement ring. Though I haven't cleaned it, it is sparkling. We sit in the same spot each day. Every time I look at my ring, it looks different. First it had a pink hue, then yellow. Then John Arnott explains that, just as some people get gold fillings while at TACF, some women have their costume jewelry become real gems.


So, I didn't really go public with this, but Matt didn't buy me a diamond. He bought me Moissanite (which I HIGHLY is beautiful!!!). It is EXACTLY the ring I've always wanted and we could afford it. Well, we decided to go to a jeweler just to see if the ring is STILL Moissanite. The only way to tell is a light refraction test, which is done with a digital do-hicky. There is no real room for human error here.

Well, I happened to be in the mall today and decided to have it checked out. Now please read carefully: Matt bought a .86 karat Moissanite ring. The ladies at the store told me that, not only is my ring a DIAMOND...they believe it's a FULL KARAT!!! Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!

This is just about the most wonderful thing. It wasn't anything I asked for, expected or even ever considered, but God never forgot about me. With everything that we went through with Matt, God remembered me :) I can't wait to show y'all my new ring!!! (Honey, I love you!!!)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Note to everyone: I am NOT allowed to read fiction or get cable...EVER!!! Please, I beg you. In the future I am only allowed non-fiction and televised sporting events - I MEAN IT!! Would you like to know why? Okay, here is the reason why - I GET TOO INVOLVED!!! Here are some examples:

1) I finally decided to read the sixth Harry Potter book. It's a long one. One night Matt & I went to bed and I decided to read just one more chapter (yeah, right). He glanced at the clock at 1:00 am and 2:00 am. When he rolled over at 3:00 am I told him not to look and assured him that it was late and it wouldn't happen again [mostly because I finished the book the next day].
2) 2002, Lakeland, Florida. I decided to read the Lord of the Rings for the first time ever. I started just after my birthday in February and went to Florida the first weekend in March. I stayed up so late each night reading that when I finally got to the end of the series it was about 2:30 am in a hotel room in Lakeland; I was so sleep deprived that it took me an hour to read the last few chapters because I was crying so hard that I couldn't focus on the pages.
3) And the kicker: I came to visit my sister and her new baby in Vegas. There was nothing on TV so we tossed the Gilmore Girls into the DVD player (she has seasons 1-5). Let me repeat - I GET TOO INVOLVED! I watched my first episode sometime on Oct. 25th. Today is Nov. 1st and in the past week I watched ONE HUNDRED AND TEN episodes of the Gilmore Girls! I'd never seen it before...I got sucked in...I had to see what happened...I AVERAGED THREE HOURS OF SLEEP A NIGHT SO I COULD WATCH FIVE SEASONS IN EIGHT DAYS!!! That's 4950 minutes of Gilmore Girls...82.5 hours!!! Oy vay!

This is why I can't do fiction or television. I beg you, please, DON'T LET ME NEAR EITHER OF THESE...I NEED THE REST! I am currently incapable of removing myself from the situation so I need to avoid it all together. It's too late for me in regards to Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and the Gilmore Girls as I will be eternally hooked, but please, I BEG you: if you have read a great new book or are involved in a hot new series, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! I need to sleep. I need the rest. Besides, with friends like Luke, Han, Aragorn, Arwyn, Sookie, Rory and Michele my social calendar is already booked.

Thank you for not being an enabler.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin

(DISCLAIMER: Thursday night Shaina & Beth would not go to Meijer with me...I had to go all by myself. This has nothing to do with my blog.)

Ah, pumpkins. I've always been a fan of pumpkin pie, but I decided to do something different this year. First up: pumpkin soup. It's actually supposed to be pumpkin and shrimp soup, but does anyone else think that sounds icky? Maybe I'll try it yet. But anyway, here are my suggestions:
- my recipe called for sauteed carrots, onions and garlic to be pureed and added to the canned pumpkin & milk. I would sautee twice as many veggies and only puree half. If you don't like shrimp with your soup it lacks substance.
- possible meat alternatives: bacon or pork or ham.
- if you don't have all spice, add extra ginger, some nutmeg and cinammon.
- it's very good with a nice piece of whole grain toast.

And my newest experiment - pumpkin cheesecake! Woo hoo!! Some GENIEUS found a way to combine pumpkin pie and cheesecake! Again, here are my ideas:
- when it calls for cream cheese to be room temperature it really means about 70 degrees. if your house is only 64 (such as mine) the cheese isn't quite soft enough. you may want to nuke it a bit for a nicer consistency (otherwise it looks like there is cottage cheese in the cake, but its still good!!)
- 1 1/2 c. graham cracker crumbs does NOT equal 20 squares (no matter what the recipe says). For the record, 20 squares yields about 2 1/2 cups of crumbs, so you will have too much crust (and no, I didn't put it all in there, but I did forget to add extra butter)
- try not to think about what's in'll just ruin the experience.

If I get any more great pumpking ideas, I'll let you know, k?? (Oh...don't forget the pumpkin pancakes!!!)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

We're going to the World Series!!

Woo hoo!! The last time the Tigers saw this dance I was EIGHT years old :) First the Wings, then the Pistons, now the Tigers...if only we could do something about those Pussycats...

This is gonna be a GREAT fall!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oooo, this is good...

You want to go visit, trust me :) Yeah, yeah, I know...I'm the wife, but I still know a good thing when I see it!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

To ramble or not to ramble, that is the question

I've recently began pondering the meaning of the life of my blog. Earlier posts give way to humor and outlet to my boredom from years at the Acme Anvil Company (see previous post "Where to start?!" for history on that). I enjoy my jibberish and really don't care if anyone else does; this site helps me to feel as if my English BA, four years of my life and $80,000 weren't completely wasted. ["Why yes, my work has been published on-line..."]

However, recent events in my life have made me re-evaluate things. Am I making the best use of my time and talents? Is this the only way for me to make my voice heard, or do I have other options? One must wonder...

After much reflective time and consideration I have come to a definite conclusion: I will continue to ramble. HOWEVER - there will be a combination of ramblings. Some will be my usual serious-less information, but I am going to venture more frequently into the realm of the (dramatic pause) important stuff. Yes I know!!! Karin?? Important stuff?? It may be hard to believe, but I have realized just how much important stuff there is in the world and, after all, I do have opinions on EVERYTHING.

For now, I sign off with a large weight lifted from my chest. I know that I am doing the right thing. I believe that someday, maybe some glorious day, someone will stumble upon one of my ramblings and it will actually MEAN something to them! (sniff, sniff) Until then...

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lower and slower

Okey-dokey folks!!! Thanks for being patient :) WOW! What an awesome trip to Toronto! Matt and I just spent a much need four days soaking in the presence of God and listening for His voice (Reference - scripture tells us to "Be still...and know that [He] is God...that's where soaking comes in. Send me and email and I'll let you know more about it). We listened to some great speakers, participated in some AMAZING worship and have learned THE SECRET to becoming more Christ-like and opening the door to God's miraculous works. Are you ready for this??? Here it is -- LOWER & SLOWER.

Okay, thanks for tuning in - bye!

Just kidding...

This isn't MY message, so I don't have all of the notes and I'll just summarize (you can get resources from Ed Piorek and Heidi Baker for the in depth lessons). What do we mean by lower & slower? Do you have 28 hours worth of work to do in a 24 hour day? Get lower and slower. Are you trying to minister to your spouse, kids, parents, neighbors, friends and co-workers all while trying to maintain your own personal relationship with God? Lower and slower. Are there so many people, groups and churches that are coming to you to fill needs in their lives, while tapping into your own limited resources? Yep, lower and slower.

Have you heard the saying "You don't have time NOT to pray?"...this is it. Lower and slower. You can strive to get all of the above things done in your own time and in your own power, or you can get lower and slower. Lay on your face before your Lord...lower yourself before Him. Don't just do your church time and then bustle about your week...slow down and give Him time everyday. "But I don't have don't know how much I have to do don't know what my week looks like." Hmmm. Shall I tell you my week? Urologist appointment, oncologist appointment, blood work, x-rays, lab results, pharmacy, class, winterize the house, clean up the yard, pay the bills, research 10 deeds, drive to another court me, I'm as busy as the rest.

But what happens if we get lower and slower? Okay, so I spend an HOUR everyday with you Lord...what about Matt's doctor appointments? "Not a problem my child...he's healed.". Oh! Wow...but what about the house...we have to do insulation and fix the attic and do windows and..."Thank you for the time we spent together...I'm gonna send over one of my children to help you out...he's an insulation specialist." Gee, well, I guess I don't really know what to say! Um, that really gives me a lot more time...what do I do with my free time then? "Spend some more with me :)"

Okay, so you may think this sounds like a crack-head idea, but it works :) Just ask Heidi Baker...who has been healed of blood poisoning, staph, pneumonia and a million other things. She's see blind eyes opened and has had four mosques GIVEN to her because through her God converted all of the Muslims and there was no one left attending!! All because she got lower and slower.

We'll see you on the slow side folks...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Keep up on Matt's Miracle

If you are interested in hearing more about how Matt is doing, please visit:

Monday, September 04, 2006

There can only be one...

INTRODUCTION: Please know that, because of our faith and God's gifts, we REALLY are not having a hard time with this news.

Hello there!! It's been just over nine months of wonderful wedded-ness (and for those of you who were hoping, no, there isn't a honeymoon baby here) and Matt and I have already committed first year no-nos: we moved and we both started new jobs. However, we have survived both and are even better for the experiences. As we sat back to revel in the pride and joy we've felt over our momentous achievement we continued in our spiritual walk with God and asked Him to keep growing us in Him and to keep us in the center of His plan.

Apparently there is still more for us to learn as He is allowing us to venture into a new challenge: cancer (DISCLAIMER: I am in no way claiming that God gives cancer. That is for another time. However, I am saying that He is using this unfortunate circumstance to mature us and draw us unto Him. More on that later). I know what I've heard about cancer; I know how it affects people and how they respond. I have to ask myself - is it wrong for me not to be scared? Is it okay for me to be happy? To have joy? To still be unemployed and yet be secure in the midst of God's will? HECK YES!

As I don't want this to turn into another serious, heart-heavy blog I will let you know how we are getting along. By smiling :) (A merry heart does good like a medicine!!)

So here we are - not yet to our first anniversary and I am now married to Supernut (his mild-mannered alter-ego answers to Leftie). This brave little testicle is one lone nut, performing the duty of TWO! He IS SUPERNUT!!! As the Highlander says, "There can only be one". Matt is now a proud founding member of the O.N.C. (One Nut Club) and will have t-shirts and membership cards available to the general public by June 2007. If you are interested in joining, please call 800-ONE-NUTT. Membership priviledges include a free t-shirt, travel coffee mug and your very own super hero handle.

As Matt finalizes the details for the O.N.C. we are going to stay cozy at home and rest up while he heals from his "radical extrat-omy". Any questions or concerns can be posted as comments and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Until's up, up and away!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Medium: Pink & Warm

Yep, that's me. Okay...I'm not really pink, I'm red. Four hours out on Lake Huron today and I didn't come prepared. Ah well - it's better than no sun at all, right?!

Here I am - a newly-wed for 8.5 months. After five years as an event coordinator I decided to try the 9-5 lifestyle, only to find out that I don't actually like it. So now I am gainfully unemployed ( dad doesn't know yet) and not feeling the least bit anxious. Why? How does a left-brained perfectionist step away from a sure thing and jump willfully into the unknow?

Faith. That's really it. I've got my faith in God, that He is bigger than me and my problems and He's gonna get me through. Besides, after lots of time praying about it my husband and I both felt a peace to make the jump. So here I am...flying :)

I'm really tired right now and it's not even 10 pm. I was hoping to sit down and be truly entertaining, to captivate you with my wit and intelligence. Instead, I have been sucked into "10 Things I Hate About You" and my brain is slowly shutting down for the night. Perhaps later this week, after my final interview with a company where I will blow them away with my charm and secure my next job (I RECEIVE THAT!) I'll be able to sit down and let you know how things have been.

Until then, this is my tired brain saying...blah, blah, blah.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Location Correction

Upon careful review it is Winchestertonfieldville...please excuse the slip.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Where to start?!

Wow - it's been a while! There's actually been a lot going on, a lot to get sarcastic about, but I'm not even sure where to begin!!

Perhaps the best place to start is with why I've been so hesitant to write: search engines. A while ago I posted a sarcastic little piece about my place of work. I named the company and, unknown to me, on a particular search engine it appeared as the fourth most popular site!!! Now I can name at LEAST a dozen various sites that mention this company much more frequently, yet there I was...and with such bad timing. With the company in a state of flux MANY people were searching the web for some info...and getting my sarcasm. Imagine the shock!

Imagine MY shock to discover the search engine for myself!! I immediately changed the name of the blog, but made a mistake and ended up deleting it completely :( If I can find a copy of it I will repost it...with a new name. However, what has this taught me?

First, I need to be a bit more select when refering to people and places. From now on all men will be referred to as Dick and all women will be Cybil. All cities shall be West Chestertonfieldville and all companies will be the Acme Anvil Company. I believe this will not only protect the topics of my random rants, but also cover my own butt.

Second, most people are looking for something to support their ideas/beliefs while searching on-line and not really looking at the whole picture. [DISCLAIMER: Trying to make a quasi-serious point here] One of my supervisors discovered my blog and brought it to my attention, noting the tongue-in-cheek attitude, and pointing out how that reflects on me. However, I did notice that this person didn't find the humorous blog about work (Blurred Vision), nor was it noticed that basically the ENTIRE SITE is just as it is entitled...Ramblings. I was approached as having made serious comments about serious issues...ME?!?! "I only discuss serious issues on Thursdays, between noon and two." - Lord Goring, "An Ideal Husband"

Third, I don't really have a third. I like the numbers three, five and ten, so I always try to make lists that are one of those. For example, "Ten Ways to Look Busy at Work" took me three days to write. I had about four good ideas, then I came up with two more. Well, I couldn't leave out one and go with five, and six wouldn't work, so I spent the next couple of days finalizing a Top Ten. So you see, I have to stop now so I don't have to try to come up with two or seven more ideas.

And that's that. I'll try to be more careful, but I like to write and I like to be sarcastic. This is the safest place to be both...I think. Until then, I need to prepare myself for work at the Anvil's quite the drive from West Chestertonfieldville!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Val, where are you??

I know you check this site :) I've sent two encredibly detailed, heart-bearing emails...and they've both been returned!! Lemme know how I can reach you, k??
Love ya!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm in Love

And not just with Matt. I've fallen in love with the Mac. It was nothing I ever wanted to do. It was nothing I tried to do. I've always admired their looks from afar, but I'm not as shallow as that. I know that there's more to a person than what's on the outside, so I've never seriously considered the relationship. Until now. My friends, the "Johnstons" have an iMac G5...and I love it. The sleek design, the effortless handling...excuse me please, I need a minute. Whew. Okay, I'm recomposed.

I think I might be addicted. I've been exploring the Apple website and shopping ebay all night. It's almost 1 a.m. and I just can't pull myself away. Sure, the sound of a keyboard has always excited me, but this is practically...okay, I won't go there. I think you understand my point.

So here is the solution to my dilemma. The most basic version of the iBook is $999 If everyone that I know, everyone who reads this blog, will just send me $1 when they read this blog, then I'll only need to collect an additional $989 to get one!! PLUS, if I put aside the extra money that I have out of every paycheck, then by the end of the month I'll only need $988!!!

I beseech you, please help my cause. Please send your $1 (though 100s are preferred). I promise to email frequently, post more often and THOROUGHLY ENJOY the iBook...when I'm finally able to get it.

Thank you for your contribution...and for helping to support my habit.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wedded Bliss

Ahhhh :) I am truly enjoying the wedded life. Not only is my husband incredibly handsome, charming, polite and incredibly thoughtful, he's also quite the putz. I just want to state that so people don't become jealous thinking that I've found the perfect man. Trust me, he's far from perfect, but he's perfect for me.

Just to make you jealous and sick at the same time, here are some FABULOUS things about my husband:
- For Christmas he got permission from the landlord for me to get a kitty!!
- New brake pads and rotors, no labor fee
- Lots & LOTS & LOTS of Christmas lights and no work
- 14,398 picture frames hung on the wall in 8.27 seconds
- Never having to make the bed again, because I'm always up before him :)
- Tucking me into bed when I'm too tired to stand, but desperately trying to stay awake
- Two words: Snow-Plow

I am finally getting into the digital world, so I'm going to try posting some pictures. I hope this works!!