Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wedded Bliss

Ahhhh :) I am truly enjoying the wedded life. Not only is my husband incredibly handsome, charming, polite and incredibly thoughtful, he's also quite the putz. I just want to state that so people don't become jealous thinking that I've found the perfect man. Trust me, he's far from perfect, but he's perfect for me.

Just to make you jealous and sick at the same time, here are some FABULOUS things about my husband:
- For Christmas he got permission from the landlord for me to get a kitty!!
- New brake pads and rotors, no labor fee
- Lots & LOTS & LOTS of Christmas lights and no work
- 14,398 picture frames hung on the wall in 8.27 seconds
- Never having to make the bed again, because I'm always up before him :)
- Tucking me into bed when I'm too tired to stand, but desperately trying to stay awake
- Two words: Snow-Plow

I am finally getting into the digital world, so I'm going to try posting some pictures. I hope this works!!

1 comment:

laura clark said...

You look absolutely beautiful!

I miss you!