Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's Freezin' In Here!

You've heard her sing the songs. You've listened to the stories of her love. Now it's time for you to see the obsession that is Linda's love for Disney's Frozen. It all started with a poster...

That's right - she hung it with duct tape.
Then she got some wall clings. You can see the little Elsa below the poster, but that's only one of dozens of Frozen wall clings. They're on her door...

And on every wall in her bedroom!

I also found her some stickers, which she decided to put on her window. Here are a few of them:

Those the up-close versions. This is what her window looks like from a distance:

She put them up before I could tell her they aren't removable, like the wall clings. Should be fun to scrape those off.

Did you think we were done with wall clings? Silly you...

Then there's her alarm clock and the Frozen charm bracelet she got for Christmas.

And more wall clings! Right next to her 2015 calendar, of course.

Which is next to her bed, which is now forever covered in Frozen sheets (because she has two sets).

And just to make sure she doesn't miss her Frozen heaven while she's away, Linda also received this canvas bag, so she can carry Anna and Elsa with her where ever she goes.

Yep, Linda has just about everything ... but she doesn't have the brand-new Frozen music box advertised in the coupon section of today's Sunday paper! That's next on her list of must-haves.