Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ella Prays

Ella can actually say the Lord's Prayer all by herself, but she was a little tired (and a little slap happy). That explains why she channels Bill Murray at the end of the prayer :)

Some Awesome Dance Moves

Random Bits of Love

Miles, with a serious case of ice cream lips.
Oh Ella :)
Playing a game...
There are dozens of pictures of my sisters and I in laundry baskets.
This was the only way to get them both to look at the camera :)
Miles escaped mid-diaper change and jumped on his bug.
This is how the little dude watches TV in his parents room - seriously, he does this himself.
Mmmm-wah! Kisses for the kitty!
Every little girl's rite of passage - her first fashion plates set!
With Miles in bed and everyone else gone, the cats took over the chair.
Yes, I'm adorable.
A story before bedtime (really, it was)
Cinder-Miles has lost one of his shiny slippers!
We tried to get a picture... get one or the other, but never both at once.
Hee, hee ... we're cute.

My First Pedicure

This is honestly my first pedicure - it was also Sarah's first! Mimi's an old pro, though.

We forgot to snap Mimi's toes - they're hot pink. My pretty purples (I thought it'd be darker).
Sarah went all out and got the glitter tips! :)

Christmas in July!

Mitch and Sarah put up the tree...
This is what happened when I asked them to pose for me - is there any question as to whether or not they're related?
Miles discovers the tree on Christmas (in July) morning.
It's quite fascinating.
Making gingerbread cookies! I love that Sarah wears a Home Depot apron in the kitchen :) And look - there's Ella...
...and now she's gone (but her fingers remain).
Cammie cuts out Ella's gingerbread men while Ella eats dough :)
Sarah was much more hands-on.
Lining up...
The girls also made gingerbread aprons! I thought I had a picture of Sarah's, but can't find it :( This is Ella's (Aunt Tarin helped with the hair).

Binging at the Bellagio

Sarah and I had our first Bellagio experience last week. She's quite protective of her crab legs when Mitch starts to invade her space.

Mocha mousse topped with whipped cream - a 10 year-old's dream!

If you look closely, you can see the dessert mustache ;)

Apricot mousse, mocha mousse, creme brulee, and crab legs!

Sisters :)
These are just a few of the desserts Sarah tried!

We stopped for a picture by our favorite part of the buffet - the dessert table!
Then we rushed down to see the water show. Sarah found a great spot to record it... everyone crowded in behind her.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Favorites From Vegas

I'm not doing pictures right now (I've wasted too much time having them erased). However, I do have some favorite quotes. Here are a few:

In the pool, Ella sitting on Sarah's shoulder....
Sarah: "Are you peeing on me??"

Ella on the first night...
Ella: "Sweetie, can you do me a favor for a second?"

Ella talking to Cammie after Mitch & Sarah returned from haircuts...
Ella: "I wish I could get my hair done."

Sleeping Beauty at the Birthday party...
Beauty: "Oops. I'm a little bit clumsy today."
Ella: "Yep."

Ella and I sitting at the table when she's not getting her way...
Karin: "No."
Ella: "I'm really mad at you! This is serious!"

Friday, July 23, 2010

Coffee Break (Look at Photos!)

At Mimi's house, getting ready to watch videos from 1976-1984.

The most color coordinated kids on the block - Miles and his bike...
...Ella on hers.
Playing at the high school - nothing beats a white board!
Miles is a bit fascinated with shoes - especially Ella's sparkly ones!
Mimi, Miles, and a mound of blocks.
But it's always more fun when we knock the blocks over and Ella drops by!
Watching (are you ready for this) more Star Wars!
One of Ella's favorite positions - floating around on her back :)
They had to practice a lot before Ella figured out how to sit there.
Miles loves my water bottle... lets him drink AND bathe at the same time!
Watching a little DCI online.
Playing in the garage (Miles was sitting on the other side of Ella until I busted out the camera).
Miles playing with the camera. Click!
Getting there - click!
There I am!! (Yes, he took this photo himself!)
Enjoying the 51s game on a cool Vegas night (which means low-mid 90s). My new friend Kristen!

Michelle and I at the game - she's a pretty talented self-photographer :)