Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christmas in July!

Mitch and Sarah put up the tree...
This is what happened when I asked them to pose for me - is there any question as to whether or not they're related?
Miles discovers the tree on Christmas (in July) morning.
It's quite fascinating.
Making gingerbread cookies! I love that Sarah wears a Home Depot apron in the kitchen :) And look - there's Ella...
...and now she's gone (but her fingers remain).
Cammie cuts out Ella's gingerbread men while Ella eats dough :)
Sarah was much more hands-on.
Lining up...
The girls also made gingerbread aprons! I thought I had a picture of Sarah's, but can't find it :( This is Ella's (Aunt Tarin helped with the hair).

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