Sunday, December 02, 2012

Taraskiewiczville, in the County of Tschudy

It's hard to go shopping this time of year without seeing gingerbread house kits on every end cap. Being a lover of both sweet and crafts, Linda's been pretty excited about getting her hands on one of those kits. Last night she got together with our friends and their kids to not just put together a house - they built a village. Introducing Taraskiewiczville (in the county of Tschudy).

As you can see, this is a colorful land. Though there is only one color of house paint, the HOA doesn't care how you accessorize. 

Candy cane pillars and gum drop walkways - anything goes!

Now that Linda has one gingerbread village under her belt (literally - we already ate the buildings), she's ready to teach Butter Bean and Pudding Cup the fine are of cookie construction and edible embellishments.