Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lower and slower

Okey-dokey folks!!! Thanks for being patient :) WOW! What an awesome trip to Toronto! Matt and I just spent a much need four days soaking in the presence of God and listening for His voice (Reference - scripture tells us to "Be still...and know that [He] is God...that's where soaking comes in. Send me and email and I'll let you know more about it). We listened to some great speakers, participated in some AMAZING worship and have learned THE SECRET to becoming more Christ-like and opening the door to God's miraculous works. Are you ready for this??? Here it is -- LOWER & SLOWER.

Okay, thanks for tuning in - bye!

Just kidding...

This isn't MY message, so I don't have all of the notes and I'll just summarize (you can get resources from Ed Piorek and Heidi Baker for the in depth lessons). What do we mean by lower & slower? Do you have 28 hours worth of work to do in a 24 hour day? Get lower and slower. Are you trying to minister to your spouse, kids, parents, neighbors, friends and co-workers all while trying to maintain your own personal relationship with God? Lower and slower. Are there so many people, groups and churches that are coming to you to fill needs in their lives, while tapping into your own limited resources? Yep, lower and slower.

Have you heard the saying "You don't have time NOT to pray?"...this is it. Lower and slower. You can strive to get all of the above things done in your own time and in your own power, or you can get lower and slower. Lay on your face before your Lord...lower yourself before Him. Don't just do your church time and then bustle about your week...slow down and give Him time everyday. "But I don't have don't know how much I have to do don't know what my week looks like." Hmmm. Shall I tell you my week? Urologist appointment, oncologist appointment, blood work, x-rays, lab results, pharmacy, class, winterize the house, clean up the yard, pay the bills, research 10 deeds, drive to another court me, I'm as busy as the rest.

But what happens if we get lower and slower? Okay, so I spend an HOUR everyday with you Lord...what about Matt's doctor appointments? "Not a problem my child...he's healed.". Oh! Wow...but what about the house...we have to do insulation and fix the attic and do windows and..."Thank you for the time we spent together...I'm gonna send over one of my children to help you out...he's an insulation specialist." Gee, well, I guess I don't really know what to say! Um, that really gives me a lot more time...what do I do with my free time then? "Spend some more with me :)"

Okay, so you may think this sounds like a crack-head idea, but it works :) Just ask Heidi Baker...who has been healed of blood poisoning, staph, pneumonia and a million other things. She's see blind eyes opened and has had four mosques GIVEN to her because through her God converted all of the Muslims and there was no one left attending!! All because she got lower and slower.

We'll see you on the slow side folks...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Keep up on Matt's Miracle

If you are interested in hearing more about how Matt is doing, please visit:

Monday, September 04, 2006

There can only be one...

INTRODUCTION: Please know that, because of our faith and God's gifts, we REALLY are not having a hard time with this news.

Hello there!! It's been just over nine months of wonderful wedded-ness (and for those of you who were hoping, no, there isn't a honeymoon baby here) and Matt and I have already committed first year no-nos: we moved and we both started new jobs. However, we have survived both and are even better for the experiences. As we sat back to revel in the pride and joy we've felt over our momentous achievement we continued in our spiritual walk with God and asked Him to keep growing us in Him and to keep us in the center of His plan.

Apparently there is still more for us to learn as He is allowing us to venture into a new challenge: cancer (DISCLAIMER: I am in no way claiming that God gives cancer. That is for another time. However, I am saying that He is using this unfortunate circumstance to mature us and draw us unto Him. More on that later). I know what I've heard about cancer; I know how it affects people and how they respond. I have to ask myself - is it wrong for me not to be scared? Is it okay for me to be happy? To have joy? To still be unemployed and yet be secure in the midst of God's will? HECK YES!

As I don't want this to turn into another serious, heart-heavy blog I will let you know how we are getting along. By smiling :) (A merry heart does good like a medicine!!)

So here we are - not yet to our first anniversary and I am now married to Supernut (his mild-mannered alter-ego answers to Leftie). This brave little testicle is one lone nut, performing the duty of TWO! He IS SUPERNUT!!! As the Highlander says, "There can only be one". Matt is now a proud founding member of the O.N.C. (One Nut Club) and will have t-shirts and membership cards available to the general public by June 2007. If you are interested in joining, please call 800-ONE-NUTT. Membership priviledges include a free t-shirt, travel coffee mug and your very own super hero handle.

As Matt finalizes the details for the O.N.C. we are going to stay cozy at home and rest up while he heals from his "radical extrat-omy". Any questions or concerns can be posted as comments and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Until's up, up and away!!