Friday, November 20, 2009

My Two Cents - Oprah

I think she's going to run for president. What do you think?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Too Many Options

Ah...I finally have internet at home. It was almost two weeks without it, and it sucked. In my new little hometown NO ONE has free wireless internet access. That sent me into TC (which was fine, because I picked up a load of stuff from the old house while I was there). But while I sat in coffee houses and restaurants I didn't have a lot of time, so I didn't blog (or read blogs). It was all business. Yuck.

But just because my fingers stuck to the plan didn't mean my brain did. Everyday I would read something or talk with someone and start composing a post about it (oh, Michael Moore, not everyone was fooled by your subtle "Democrats are right, Republicans are wrong" rant...I just haven't had the time to reply). I considered jotting down ideas on paper, but I kept throwing them away.

Now that I've reconnected, I have to decide - compose those thoughts, or move on.

Psh. Move on.

EVERY day I find new things that inspire me. Why should I look back when I know Matt's going to say or doing something tonight that will cripple me with laughter and spawn a new post? Let's be honest - if you annoyed me last week, you'll probably annoy me tomorrow. I'll about it then.

Perhaps in the future you'll hear the story of my desk. My beautiful, old metal teacher desk that weighs 4,385 lbs. (I know...I had to lift it). I bought it months ago and have been waiting for the day when I had an office for it. Now I have an office...and it won't fit through the door. Keep your eyes peeled for THAT story.
Matt didn't disappoint! As we were leaving a restaurant tonight a lady came out after us and got Matt's attention. He went to see her, then came back to the car and said:
"You forgot your sherdoodle"...then he handed me my pashmina :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You know you're tired when...'re laying in bed with your spouse and have this conversation.

Karin: "Do you want to kiss me good night?"

Matt: "Yes."


Karin: "I'm too tired to roll toward you."

Matt: "Me, too."

Karin: "Well, thanks for wanting to."

Matt: "You're welcome."

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Overheard in Las Vegas

Ella: Is Mitch at work?

Karin: No, but Daddy is at work.

Ella: Daddy is Mitch...right Cam?
While at the nature preserve watching a chipmunk run around - Ella chased the chipmunk and called it Pip (the chipmunk from "Enchanted"). The chipmunk finally stopped. This is what I heard.

Pip. Pip, are you scared? It's okay, Pip. It's okay.

Look at me, Pip. It's Ella. It's okay, Pip.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Disney isn't racist...Disney is fatist

Next month Disney will release its latest cartoon musical, "The Princess and the Frog". People have been making a big deal about the princess, Tiana, because she's black. Hey, that's cool. Another beautiful princess to add to Disney's cast list.

This weekend I read an interview with Anika Noni Rose, the voice of Tiana. I don't think Ms. Rose has ever watched a Disney cartoon. Why? Because she praises Disney for "finally" getting away from the notion that beauty means blond hair and blue eyes.

Finally? Really? Let's take an inventory:

1937 - Snow White - black hair, brown eyes
1950 - Cinderella - blond hair, blue eyes
1959 - Sleeping Beauty - blond hair, violet eyes
1989 - The Little Mermaid - red hair, blue eyes
1991 - Beauty and the Beast - brown hair, brown eyes
1992 - Aladdin (Jasmine) - black hair, brown eyes
1995 - Pocahontas - black hair, brown eyes
1996 - Hunchback of Notre Dame (Esmerelda)- black hair, blue eyes
1997 - Hercules (Megara) - brown hair, brown eyes
1998 - Mulan - black hair, brown eyes looks to me that, if anything, Disney is promoting the beauty of the dark haired/dark eyed woman.

Maybe the excitement is over the collapse of the Disney Aryan Nation?

But wait - there's a gypsy, Native American, Chinese, Moroccan, Irish-Mermaid...there's actually only one blond haired, blue eyed gal in the bunch. It's not like Disney has snubbed non-white nationalities. The first non-white princess appeared 17 years ago. Tiana is joining a long list of diverse princesses.

You who to know what I DON'T see on that list - a fat girl.

If there is any group of women who should be up in arms with Disney, it's the overweight population. We chubby-cheekers get to be the evil octopus, the old tea pot, or the ugly step-sisters (who still weren't the big).

Where's the fat princess???

If anything, I commend Disney for their continuing efforts to include all nationalities in their list of beautiful princesses. But would it kill them to include the "average" sized girl?