Friday, March 24, 2006

Location Correction

Upon careful review it is Winchestertonfieldville...please excuse the slip.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Where to start?!

Wow - it's been a while! There's actually been a lot going on, a lot to get sarcastic about, but I'm not even sure where to begin!!

Perhaps the best place to start is with why I've been so hesitant to write: search engines. A while ago I posted a sarcastic little piece about my place of work. I named the company and, unknown to me, on a particular search engine it appeared as the fourth most popular site!!! Now I can name at LEAST a dozen various sites that mention this company much more frequently, yet there I was...and with such bad timing. With the company in a state of flux MANY people were searching the web for some info...and getting my sarcasm. Imagine the shock!

Imagine MY shock to discover the search engine for myself!! I immediately changed the name of the blog, but made a mistake and ended up deleting it completely :( If I can find a copy of it I will repost it...with a new name. However, what has this taught me?

First, I need to be a bit more select when refering to people and places. From now on all men will be referred to as Dick and all women will be Cybil. All cities shall be West Chestertonfieldville and all companies will be the Acme Anvil Company. I believe this will not only protect the topics of my random rants, but also cover my own butt.

Second, most people are looking for something to support their ideas/beliefs while searching on-line and not really looking at the whole picture. [DISCLAIMER: Trying to make a quasi-serious point here] One of my supervisors discovered my blog and brought it to my attention, noting the tongue-in-cheek attitude, and pointing out how that reflects on me. However, I did notice that this person didn't find the humorous blog about work (Blurred Vision), nor was it noticed that basically the ENTIRE SITE is just as it is entitled...Ramblings. I was approached as having made serious comments about serious issues...ME?!?! "I only discuss serious issues on Thursdays, between noon and two." - Lord Goring, "An Ideal Husband"

Third, I don't really have a third. I like the numbers three, five and ten, so I always try to make lists that are one of those. For example, "Ten Ways to Look Busy at Work" took me three days to write. I had about four good ideas, then I came up with two more. Well, I couldn't leave out one and go with five, and six wouldn't work, so I spent the next couple of days finalizing a Top Ten. So you see, I have to stop now so I don't have to try to come up with two or seven more ideas.

And that's that. I'll try to be more careful, but I like to write and I like to be sarcastic. This is the safest place to be both...I think. Until then, I need to prepare myself for work at the Anvil's quite the drive from West Chestertonfieldville!