Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Too Little Sleep, Too Many Mad-Libs

It's my first night in Vegas. Sarah is spending the night with Michelle and me at Mimi's house. Thanks to Uncle Matt, I brought along a Mad-Libs packet from Wendy's (don't ask). It's late. We're tired. We've had too much ice cream. This is what Sarah, Michelle, and I created.

The first electric trident was invented in 1904 by a tasty young man named Papa Smurf. He and his brother, Percy Jackson, ran a small poodle repair shop, and in their spare time the studied toothpaste. When they started work on their invention, everyone said, "Oh my dogs! You'll never get it off the pillow." But they built a succulent model out of old microchips and a used iPhone. It used up two gallons of V-8 juice an hour, and the top converted into Maryland. They sold the patent to a shabby millionaire for $941 and lived merrily ever after.

And then there's this one...

Tonight my whole family is going to run at Wendy's! I can't wait! My chopsticks always orders the same thing. Mom likes to eat iridescent salad full of Americans. Dad likes juicy cheeseburgers with extra toenails. But what should I order? Maybe I want crispy lightbulbs with lots of pencils on the side. Or fuzzy, semi-aquatic lampshades to share with my Obama. Maybe I'll have a little bit of my dad's fluid horseshoe and my mom's slimy army. And if they want some of my Bedazzler made of gems, they can have some - because sharing Carl at Wendy's is fun for everybody! But I hope they keep their jeans off my pretty fries!

Yeah, we've reached the slap-happy phase. Time for bed!!

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