Friday, July 23, 2010

Coffee Break (Look at Photos!)

At Mimi's house, getting ready to watch videos from 1976-1984.

The most color coordinated kids on the block - Miles and his bike...
...Ella on hers.
Playing at the high school - nothing beats a white board!
Miles is a bit fascinated with shoes - especially Ella's sparkly ones!
Mimi, Miles, and a mound of blocks.
But it's always more fun when we knock the blocks over and Ella drops by!
Watching (are you ready for this) more Star Wars!
One of Ella's favorite positions - floating around on her back :)
They had to practice a lot before Ella figured out how to sit there.
Miles loves my water bottle... lets him drink AND bathe at the same time!
Watching a little DCI online.
Playing in the garage (Miles was sitting on the other side of Ella until I busted out the camera).
Miles playing with the camera. Click!
Getting there - click!
There I am!! (Yes, he took this photo himself!)
Enjoying the 51s game on a cool Vegas night (which means low-mid 90s). My new friend Kristen!

Michelle and I at the game - she's a pretty talented self-photographer :)

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