Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Note to everyone: I am NOT allowed to read fiction or get cable...EVER!!! Please, I beg you. In the future I am only allowed non-fiction and televised sporting events - I MEAN IT!! Would you like to know why? Okay, here is the reason why - I GET TOO INVOLVED!!! Here are some examples:

1) I finally decided to read the sixth Harry Potter book. It's a long one. One night Matt & I went to bed and I decided to read just one more chapter (yeah, right). He glanced at the clock at 1:00 am and 2:00 am. When he rolled over at 3:00 am I told him not to look and assured him that it was late and it wouldn't happen again [mostly because I finished the book the next day].
2) 2002, Lakeland, Florida. I decided to read the Lord of the Rings for the first time ever. I started just after my birthday in February and went to Florida the first weekend in March. I stayed up so late each night reading that when I finally got to the end of the series it was about 2:30 am in a hotel room in Lakeland; I was so sleep deprived that it took me an hour to read the last few chapters because I was crying so hard that I couldn't focus on the pages.
3) And the kicker: I came to visit my sister and her new baby in Vegas. There was nothing on TV so we tossed the Gilmore Girls into the DVD player (she has seasons 1-5). Let me repeat - I GET TOO INVOLVED! I watched my first episode sometime on Oct. 25th. Today is Nov. 1st and in the past week I watched ONE HUNDRED AND TEN episodes of the Gilmore Girls! I'd never seen it before...I got sucked in...I had to see what happened...I AVERAGED THREE HOURS OF SLEEP A NIGHT SO I COULD WATCH FIVE SEASONS IN EIGHT DAYS!!! That's 4950 minutes of Gilmore Girls...82.5 hours!!! Oy vay!

This is why I can't do fiction or television. I beg you, please, DON'T LET ME NEAR EITHER OF THESE...I NEED THE REST! I am currently incapable of removing myself from the situation so I need to avoid it all together. It's too late for me in regards to Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and the Gilmore Girls as I will be eternally hooked, but please, I BEG you: if you have read a great new book or are involved in a hot new series, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! I need to sleep. I need the rest. Besides, with friends like Luke, Han, Aragorn, Arwyn, Sookie, Rory and Michele my social calendar is already booked.

Thank you for not being an enabler.

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Bob Conklin said...

I'm not trying to be condemning here, just making a personal observation, because I have had similar tendencies. I really wish that I could find the key to get as involved with scripture as I can a season of Family Guy or Ren & Stimpy. I make myself sick sometimes. Just my thought as a fly on the blogging wall.