Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 2 - Reinforcements Arrive

Sha-nay-nay arrived Tues. afternoon - phew! There wasn't much going on when she go here. #5 was napping and #4 was watching a movie. However, within the hour the troops began to come home. #2 & #3 came home by bus, and I got #1 from practice. Dinner was a lesson in organized chaos, but the chores got done, house was cleaned and homework finished in time for ice cream. We even got #2-5 into bed (and asleep!) by 9:15...yeah! We beat the mark from the first night! So #1 can stay up until 9:30 anyway...he doesn't count.

Anyway, all went well. Everyone made it to school on time and #5 managed a nice 3 hour nap from 12-3 pm. A great day!

More news on Day 3...

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