Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 3 - Settling In

Well, with Sha-nay-nay here things have gone really smoothly...mostly because I don't have to haul ALL of the kids around anytime I want to go someplace.

Got kids #1-3 off to school easily. #4 & 5 were GREAT. They played so well; #5 took a good nap; we all went GROCERY SHOPPING!!! Yeah. Went in to Glen's. We at a can of Pringles, tried the blueberry pie samples and bought Go-Gurt. It was a good trip.

Sha-nay-nay spent the evening at home while I shuttled: pick up #2 from dance; 45 min. later drop of #3 to dance; 45 min. later pick up #3 with #2 and take them to Awana, which starts in 15 min; 75 min. later pick them up from Awana, come home for a snack and then to bed! All the while #4-5 are at home getting ready for bed and #1 is getting a ride home from the bball game.

The big news for Day 3 is food. How much food can one 1.5 yr. old and one 3 yr. old child eat? A lot. Scrambled cheeses eggs, toast and cereal for breakfast. Plus water. Grilled cheese for lunch. A banana. Pringles at the store. Go-gurt at home. A can of peaches. A plate (or two bowls) of spaghetti. Ice cream. Pretzel rods. A peanut butter sandwich. And THEN...#4 comes down @ 10pm with a "tummy ache". She's so hungry she eats some soup.

But wait!!! There's more. They wake up almost TWO HOURS early this morning...hungry. They each have a bowl of oatmeal. #5 also adds a banana and a bowl of spaghetti. #4 has a glass of chocolate milk and a pretzel rod. And it's not even 11 am yet. Yes, I know...I spilled into Day 4, but it's the only way to make my point. I'll tell you more later!!

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Camille said...

Dude. You have to feed them every 2 hours.