Monday, January 14, 2008

Mother of Five???

Well, I'm used to being around kids all day,I'm a substitute teacher, but living with them?? I am currently embarked on a most courageous adventure: I am babysitting my friends' five (yes FIVE) children for five days. The range from 1.5-13 years old, attend two different schools in two different towns, participate in 4 different dance classes, basketball and Awanas. And they are under my care (gulp).

So far things have gone really well. I've only been here one day, but I got all of the kids into bed (and asleep!) by 9:40 pm (they are late-nite children by nature). Its now my time to kick back and relax at the puter...until 6am...which is coming quickly...and I'm tired.

Well, this has been fun, but as the temporary-single-parent-of-five, I'm blowing outta here. My friend Sha-nay-nay will be here Wed/Thur to help out, so I can update you then.

Till then...please keep praying!!! :)

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