Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day 4-5...its a long story.

First off, let me say that #5 (1.5 yrs old) ate more for breakfast on Friday than did #3 (7 years old). Just to start things off...

Okay, I slacked, but there's a really good reason: late Thursday night I became ill. I could barely sleep (sore throat kickin' in) and #4 & #5 alternated every 2 hours crying. Rough night.

I wasn't feel so hot Friday morning, but I woke up #1 and was trudging through with my brain in a cloud. #1 volunteered to go start my car for me to warm it up, then came in and asked if I was sure he had school. Heck, I wasn't sure of ANYTHING at that point, excepted my mind was mush and my throat was swollen. So we turned on the TV and, sure enough, no one had school in about three different counties. So all five kidlets stayed home with me while I tried not to infect anyone. I did the best I could.

I did make every French Toast on Friday, however, and that went over well (#5 - 3 pieces of French toast and a can of pears...whoa). I let the kids stay in PJ's and goof off until noon. Then we had lunch and I put them to work. Well, I had a small list, so they only really worked for a couple of hours. Unfortunately for the parents who would have liked for me to stimulate their childrens' minds and encourage them in their weekly chores, I was whipped. By two in the afternoon I was beaten. I retreated to the couch and moved as little as possible. The kids were fantastic. They played very well together, and anytime there was screaming I told them to figure it out. Low and behold, they did.

Well, I was supposed to take the kids to church in TC on Friday night, but with the nasty weather and my icky throat there was no point to making the trek to help out on the worship team if I couldn't actually sing. And at the rate I was falling, I didn't think I'd make it back. It was a good decision.

I called for pizza at 4:10 pm. The pizza place is 3 blocks from the house. I asked them to deliver. They didn't start delivering until 5pm. I told the kids dinner would arrive at 5:05pm. It was that bad. And then I called my honey; my soft-haired, blue-eyed, dimple-cheeked honey. I was a mess. A few hours later, he arrived to give me a hand.

By 7pm I was pretty sure I was running a fever. I was popping Tylenol like they were Tic-Tacs and hudled under an electric blanket. I let the kids watch a movie about cheerleaders (#2 & #3 are taking a pom-pom dance class) before going to bed. #4 wouldn't leave me. By this point she'd decided I was okay and deserved the honor of having her share a bed with me. I did my best to dissuade her, but she would have none of it. Being very careful to avoid anything that might transfer germs (but also realizing that anything that was gonna be transfered had already moved by now) I let #4 cuddle. And boy does she cuddle!!

So, anyway, honey-man stayed the night. #4 & #5 slept STRAIGHT through the night, so I got some decent rest. I was at the house until about 3pm, at which time I was sent home by the parentals. I didn't really do much on Saturday either. The kids and I cleaned as best we could, but when you're home, and basically inside, for two days forts get built, dolls get moved...the house becomes a toy. And thanks to the football-player sized neck and painfully tender right ear, I didn't really care anymore (sorry mom and dad!).

So there you have it. Sheer craziness. And to really make me look lame...because I've been recovering on the couch, venturing up only to use the rest room and get a snack, the Christmas tree is STILL up. This was our designated weekend to take it down. Dang it. So I've make an executive decision...

I hope you can all stop by on Feb. 14th this year - VALENTINE'S DAY!! See our house, with it's festive red lights, heart-shaped paper decorations...and our very first Valentine's Tree!!!


Valerie said...

Ha! No worries about the tree, mate. Mine is still up in all its glory, too. Between work and time with the little one there is no time to take down a tree... or is it no energy to work up enough care to actually take time to bring it down??

Bob Conklin said...

Yeah, sorry to say that our tree hasn't made it down yet either. I would like to note though, that we haven't been home, other to than sleep, in several weeks. I stopped giving it water about three weeks ago in anticipation of taking it down. By the time that we got around to taking the bulbs off of it, the slightest touch droped handfulls of needles to the floor. I'm dreading trying to get it through the apartment in the state it's in. Stepping on spruce needles really hurts.