Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Man of My Dreams

Those of you who know me well know that humor is my safety-net. I like to take any situation and find the humor in it. Why? Because I have hyper-active tear ducts, so if I don't laugh I'll probably cry.

This was very much the case when Matt was recovering from surgery and chemo over the past few months. On more than one occassion I could be heard muttering, "I hope you're taking notes. Some day I'm gonna be pregnant and I'll expect the same from you."

Let me first say: I AM NOT PREGNANT.

However, I am slightly ill. Flu-like stuff: achy body, sore throat, tender ear, chunky boogers (I threw that in for Erica, who often says "I can't believe you said that!"...heh, heh...I said it). I feel like I've run a marathon, been hit by a truck and then had every remaining ounce of energy drained from my body and converted into the swelling in my neck (seriously...I feel like a linebacker right now). It's been a miserable few days.

In the midst of my misery I called my adorable hubby, a man I hadn't seen in days, and I actually started crying on the phone (see paragraph one) because its hard to been funny when your head is working against you. This lovely, thoughtful man pushed aside his plans for Friday night and Saturday morning, drove through a blizzard and showed up in CL, MI to stay the night with me and help me with five kids...even though he knows nothing about kids. Awwww.

He brought me water and Tylenol. He massaged my head. He put a hot-water bottle in the bed to warm it up for me. And in the morning, he kept an eye on the kids, even going so far as to pick up little baby HHC...without being asked (part of a Baby Relocation Program, to keep kids off of stools in the kitchen and put them in safer the toy room).

He left CL a little before me to get the house ready for my return. When I came home he was already doing laundry. In the freezer was a WeightWatchers SmartOne meal, because he knows I need to watch what I eat, but he didn't want me trying to cook. On the bed were two cases of Izze sparkling fruit juice, a luxury we just don't often buy. He put my slippers on my feet, made sure I had my robe and has kept my water glass full for two days. Say it with me...awwwww!!

This is the man of my dreams. I love him so much. I just wanted to brag about him for a little while :)

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