Monday, March 03, 2008

Stuck in an Elevator

So here I am, enjoying visiting Vegas. I'm helping Shell get moved, so we rented a storage unit for some of her items. There's a U-Haul storage nearby, so it seemed fitting. We rented a unit Saturday, moved a few items in and decided to do some more on Sunday. That's when it got interesting.

Shell has a 5x10 unit on the 2nd level, interior of the facility. They provide carts for your use at no charge. Excellent! We can wheel her stuff to the elevator and up the stairs...two doors down to her conveniently located unit.

We made or first trip. The carts are Austin-Powers-inspired and require precision and accuracy when making a 27-point turn. Once we finally figured those out, life was easier. Until we returned with her dressers.

It got pretty chilly in Sin City, so we wanted to unload as quickly as possible. I loaded the first cart and headed off to the unit. I got into the elevator, pushed "2" and waited. And waited. And waited. I pushed "1". Nothing. I pushed the Door Open button. Nothing. I started to sing my own version of "Stuck in an Elevator". I pushed some more buttons. For fun, I knocked on the door. It knocked back.


(Muffled) "Karin? Did you already go upstairs?"

"No. I'm stuck."

(Insert crazy laughter)

Shell went off to get some help. At some point the elevator doors randomly opened, so I made sure to push her cart of belongings out. I waved at Shell and the U-Haul man as they walked toward me. I told him I was fine, but the elevator wasn't working. He decided to see if he could fix it.

Mr. U-Haul man went into the mechanical room as Shell and I laughed and laughed about my ordeal. We chatted and laughed as Mr. U-Haul tried to fix things. He got into the elevator to see if he had been successful. Shell and I started crying because we were laughing so hard at the silliness of the situation. We laughed some more. Then some more. Finally, Shell looked at the elevator.

"I don't think it went up," she said. "Hey! Are you stuck??"

(muffled) "Um, yep."

(A chorus of hilarious laughter)

Then I got to go to the office and tell the other U-Haul guys that I had safely emerged from the stuck elevator...but now Mr. U-Haul was stuck. LOTS of laughter and joking from the staff!

Well, I'm proud to report that Mr. U-Haul exited safely, much as I had, when the doors randomly and unexpectedly opened. With little fanfare, he suggested we use a different elevator. We did.

That's all.


Nerdy said...

That is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Karin...this is soooo funny! Email me, I miss you like crazy.

Laura Clark

Camille said...

No "love in the elevator" that day, eh?