Monday, March 10, 2008

Because We're VB's...a Shopping Excursion

What trip would be complete without a little shopping? As the same blood flows through the veins of Homeo, E-B and me, it was off to the outlet mall.

For those of you who know me well, you understand that I HATE to drive and, therefore, quite often chat while I move. Is E-B really my niece? I think this photo is proof enough.
So, we shopped a lot and got some GREAT deals on kidlet clothes and toys, but with so many fun rides throughout the outlet mall, it was inevitable that the E-B would need to test them out, for quality assurance purposes. The helicopter was fabulous...
...but a ride with Bert & Ernie?? Doesn't the excited expression say it all?? Yeah.
A little ways down the corridor and we stumbled across a fountain. We probably could have passed it, but back at the apartment complex Aunt Karin was showing the E-B how to dip her toes in the pool without jumping in. As soon as the E-B saw the fountain, she just HAD to test out her new skills!! I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it (more than her ride with the Muppets).

After all of that excitement, however, little legs need a break. With no help needed, the E-B pulled herself up and took a load off.
Finally it was time to head out. Anxious to go as far and as fast as possible, the E-B took off ahead of Aunt Karin and Daddy-O...the ones carrying the bags. Of course Mama had to make sure the E-B didn't attack that kiosk up ahead. What kiosk you ask?
Why, the one selling sunglasses, of course. But, if you're the E-B then sunglasses are just called "Mamas". Anything that Mama wears is called a Mama...sweatshirts, coats, etc. Oh, I take that back...she knows "choose" and "docks" (yes, that's shoes and socks).
And that's my trip! Okay, there are more photos to come...

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