Saturday, March 29, 2008

Please don't arrest him!

Wow, what a night. My FIRST experience with the cops coming to my house! (Okay, there was the time I lived in CL, pop. 1100, when I had just moved in and the cop stopped at the end of the driveway to see how I was doing, because in a small town like that the fuzz has nothing better to do than check in with new tenants. But I felt safe!!).

So, I've been at the computer a lot tonight ('s addictive). Matt's outside working, cleaning out the truck, moving things around in the yard. Sure it's after 9:00 pm, its dark and 30 degrees, but that's when he does his best work. He came in 10:15, maybe 10:30. At 10:45 I nearly dropped a load in my pants when someone knocked on our front door. I opened up to find...the Winchestertonfieldville Sheriff's Department (a guy and gal).

Apparently someone called in because they thought they heard two gun shots in the area (yikes!). Common for Vegas, where my sibs live, but not so much in Northern Michigan. So I invite them in and get Matt out of bed. The guy seemed okay with us. The gal, well, she was checkin' out my house. I'm pretty sure she thinks we're with the Michigan Militia (only about 6 people have ever been in our house...for a reason...we have no storage and lots of power my kitchen/foyer...please don't drop by unannounced). Anyway, Matt gets up and starts talking with the dude. If there HAD been gun shots, Matt would have been outside when it happened.

(not the actual conversation; it has been added for dramatic effect)

"Two shots?" we ask.

"Two," they confirm.

"Well, I was working in the dark," Matt explains. "I found a couple of old speakers that I don't need and threw them toward the back of the house, to get them out of the way."

"Two?" they ask.

"Two," Matt confirms. "And they hit my aluminum shed."

"That could be the sound they heard," says the dude.

"Why wouldn't you hear that noise?" the chick thinks suspiciously, sizing me up to figure out how a woman in a preppy teal sweater can live in such chaos.

"Because I'm married to him," I stare back. "It's not uncommon for him to make unusual noises in unusual places at unusual times of the day."

So Matt took the nice man and woman to the shed, where they found the speakers right where Matt said they would be.

And now we know the cops.


Camille said...

And you were on the phone with your sister!

Karin said...

Too true! I couldn't hear my husband making shot-gun like noises because I was busy raiding and pillaging! Ha, ha, ha!!!

Oh, maybe that wouldn't be a good response.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that.

I laughed out loud at work. Try explaining that! :)


(because I can't figure out how to sign in, I will make it anonymous)


davita said...

This is my blog address! :)