Friday, February 29, 2008

Still in Vegas...

It's been rough. Getting a solid eight hours each night, playing with my niece, going to the gym with my sister, letting people cook for me. Whew. I'm beat.

Here's today's run down (this is for Jessica: Run Down...thunder and lightning! If you aren't 6'2" and blonde, you won't get it).

Woke up to one crabby baby. She pointed to her ears and said, "Ouch". Yep...looks like another ear infection. Apparently this is #3 in about 3-4 months, so my older sib wasn't too keen on getting more drugs. Soooo...I called my good friend JJ back in Winchestertonfieldville and got his all-natural, homeopathic advice. One bottle each of collodial silver, echinacea and Wally's Ear Oil, plus about $40, and the E-B is back to her chipper self! Of course, the ear oil only stays in a 19 mos. old ears for so long...the rest of it makes her look like a greaser from the 50's, but boy is she cute!

I went to the gym with the younger sib. Okay, so could pretty much fit ALL of the gyms from TC, MI into this one gym. It was crazy. But they have a hot tub. And it works. Nuff said! I'm takin' my swimsuit tomorrow!

And I will be going tomorrow. Oh yes. Let me preface this next section by saying this: I didn't realize how much Matt's cancer affected me until it was over. I now realize that I'm ready to get back to work full-time and I'm ready to get off my butt and away from the chocolate. A year of comfort food has not been good for the body. And now tonight's escapade: cupcakes. So I'm over the comfort food phase, by Shell is just getting into it. So, we took our BOGO card to the Cup Cakery and bought 6 cupcakes...and got 6 free. Cam, her hubby, Shell and I managed to eat 10 of them...2.5 cakes each. Our recommendations: Red Velvet Cake...Coconut Kiss...Chocolate Peanut Butter (the frosting is carefully). I liked the crazy raspberry one with the champagne frosting with glitter on top, but it wasn't a crowd favorite. Anyway, we're saving the Mocha Mocha and Carrot Cake for tomorrow...after four hours in the gym (only one of those hours will be spent in the hot tub, don't worry).

If you hadn't noticed, I'm tired. See me rambling? That means tired. If I start crying that's another good indication, but if that happens I'll probably short out the computer and you won't know anyway. Whatever. I gotta go to bed.


Nerdy said...

Did you know you were in Las Vegas the same weekend my boyfriend was? Race was there!

Camille said...

I know! Thanks to the race everyone was distracted and we made a typically 40 min. rush-hour drive in about 20 minutes!

Camille said...

Ooop...didn't realize I was logged on as Camille. That last comment was from Karin. (I saw the 88 Mountain Dew car up-close and personal)