Monday, October 25, 2010

Why I Decided to Support Snyder

Conservative Karin here. If you've already decided that my political beliefs are awful, then I invite you to leave. Don't take it personally, but comments on my blog won't change my opinions on the issues (just being honest). Right now I'm talking to the conservative Michigan crowd, those fans of the Constitution Party and the GOP. I want to tell you what I've found out about Mr. Snyder.

When I was doing my primary election research I remember being very impressed with Snyder's business strategy for Michigan, but I wasn't feeling great about the rest of his plans (education, family values, health care). I voted for someone else.

When he won the GOP seat after the primary I immediately emailed his headquarters to ask about his thoughts on abortion, gun control, and family values. Here's the response I received:

Rick is pro-life and, as Governor, will work hard to defend the rights of the unborn. For more information on Rick's stance on abortion, you can read his op-eds at opinion/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2010/05/rick_snyder_ economic_recovery.html and 06-09-2010-icymi-rick-snyder-says-good-economy-will-reduce-abortions-gr.

Rick is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and owns several guns himself. He believes that Michiganders should have the right to own and carry guns as long as it is done so legally and responsibly.

Rick is pro-life and pro-family, but his primary focus is on creating jobs and turning around Michigan’s economy.

Then I remembered something that my dad said - it really is all about jobs. If Michigan can't bring in more businesses we will continue to lose our tax base; as the tax payers leave there will be no money for education, health care, or any other government issue. We need to improve our economy.

Then I had dinner with some gals in the education industry, and the one had a fabulous point - it's ridiculous to think that anyone is qualified to know EVERYTHING they'll need to know as governor. What's really important is who the governor chooses for his cabinet.

And for the Right to Life crowd - Snyder is not endorsed by RTL of Michigan because he is okay with abortions in cases of rape or incest. His running mate, Brian Calley, however is a member of RTL. Another RTL endorsed candidate recently pointed out that Snyder is still heavily pro-life, and by electing other pro-life officials (including Calley), citizens can make sure Snyder is surrounded by people who do have the RTL endorsement.

I also recently checked out the list of people who endorse Rick Snyder, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is on there. Really, that sealed the deal for me. (If you don't know who Christie is, search for him at YouTube - he's fun!).

Synder wasn't my first choice for governor, and there are some things that I still question, but I truly believe he's the best of the two candidates.

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