Friday, October 08, 2010

Things that confuse me...

Just some observations, things I've seen around recently that I truly don't understand. I'm not looking for explanations, I'm just putting this out there.

Here are some things that I just don't "get":

- People who rebel against parents, school, and religion because of the oppressive rules, but will do whatever it takes to follow the rules and qualify for government funded anything.

- People who encourage open mindedness, yet as soon as they find out I'm a Christian they impose upon me their understandings of what a Christian is without bothering to actually ask for my thoughts or opinions.

- People who protect unborn children by trying to educate pregnant women about the dangers of smoking and drinking during pregnacy, but then tell you abortion is okay because it's a choice.

- People who either don't believe in God or despise him, but then have their children baptized to appease their family members and/or society.

There are more, but these are the things I've seen recently. I'm still scratching my head...

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