Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Shoulda Been A Cowgirl

Sometimes I think God put me too far east...I think I should be in Montana, or Wyoming (they only have 400,000 people there). It's not so much the space that I crave, it's the cowboys. My dream in life is to get Matt in some boots, a hat, and tight jeans, then put him on a horse :) Sorry...tangent.

The point here is that I'm a SERIOUS country music fan, but even for me this past week has been unusual. I cannot, I mean I really cannot get through the day without listening to my favorite country men. I've officially created a Pandora channel for them. They soothe my soul...
 ...HOWEVER, I was pretty disappointed when I went to find pictures of them, and none of them were in cowboy hats! I'm sorry guys, but a baseball hat is not proper country music attire. Sheesh.
There's no realy point to this post. I just thought I'd share, cuz y'all are really interested, aren't ya?

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