Sunday, May 16, 2010

My First Garden!

Today Matt and I planted our container garden - yeah! This is a new experience for me, but I was pretty excited. We started with our tomato plants. We have three varieties: lemon boy, celebrity, and juliet. We planted some marigolds in the right pot (Matt says they're good companion plants. He's the certified master gardener, so I didn't argue).

Then we moved on to my herbs: basil, thyme, cilantro (two of 'em!), and parsley. Matt picked a special container for those ... the front yard.

Kinda grizzly, I know. And not really what I had in mind when I thought of "containers" but, like I said, Matt's certifiable, so who am I to disagree? I did a LOT of weeding, but I sure looked cute doing it.

In the end, we put the herbs by the front door, along with a few random flowers. We also planted some ornamental grass and we moved the hosta.

The dark black soil is organic potting soil that we picked up at Lowe's (on sale!) a few weeks ago.

Note the lovely stepping stone? Matt's had it for 15 years - we can finally use it!

The hosta didn't mind moving. It's still next to a purple bush of death (the thorns on those things are nasty!), so it doesn't feel so homesick.

After we finished, I decided to plant Matt. This spot gets a lot of sunlight in the afternoon, so I'm expecting him to grow nicely!

We weren't the only ones who enjoyed the fine weather, though. Midgie and Bucket love having the windows open. It gives them a nice breeze as they sun themselves on the bed.


Camille said...

There is just something wrong with the fact that you had to wear a sweatshirt while planting a garden. :-) It was 92 here....

Karin said...

But I was in capris and flip flops! It really was a very nice day (for Michigan) - almost 70!