Monday, May 24, 2010

Fashionably Matt

My husband, who doesn't hesitate to leave the house wearing head-to-toe camouflage in assorted patterns, has recently become quite opinionated about my wardrobe. I love getting his opinions on my clothes because he's very direct - he either likes it or he doesn't. Recently, however, he's become more specific in his opinions. Here are a few examples:

When asking about my capri/blouse combo for dinner with my parents:
Matt: I don't think that watch matches your shoes.

When asking about my new sporty capris and cotton t-shirt:
Matt: It's nice. Casual, but anal.

Any day now he'll have his own show on TLC, I'm sure of it :)


Camille said...

I keep nominating him for "What Not To Wear" but apparently they have enough "grizzly Ben" types. :-)

Karin said...

Thanks for trying :)