Thursday, July 12, 2007

This post has no constant theme...

I just finished another book (three books actually, but I'm only commenting on one). It was okay. I finished it because I like to finish things that I start, but it really didn't intrigue me that much. It seemed kinda whiny; I wasn't that into it. By the end I thought I'd blog about the author and how I think she's whiny and don't really care for her writing style.

Then I went to her website.

I could have written her home page...substitute my name in anyplace you see hers. It kinda freaked me out. "I WANT TO WRITE TOO!" I'm screaming inside, but then I think..."I just don't want to write like you do." One part of me was SO excited to find a woman with whom I can relate so well...and the other part of me wonders, if she thinks she's funny (and I don't) then could I also publish books as "humorous" only to find out they...aren't? I guess its a risk that I have to face. Am I up for the challenge? Am I ready for the rejection?

I have to be ready for the rejection. One of my favorite teachers has a saying: "Do it afraid". If I'm scared of being rejected, that's normal...I have to do it anyway. In fact, I thank God for the rejection I have faced in the past, for I believe it has really strengthened me and prepared me for this venture. I spoke with a friend last night who, sadly, is currently swimming in the pain of personal that involves her heart. I've been there. It's hard to want to pick up and go on. It's even harder to want to put yourself back into a position where you could be rejected AGAIN. But then I look at my husband :) I've never known such love, patience or adoration...and I could have missed out on all of that by being afraid of the pain of rejection. My friend: hang in there. I pray that you will allow yourself to heal, and try again.

And for me? If my friend is willing to risk her most precious of gifts, her heart, and try again then what's to stop me from worrying about some stupid ol' book?!?

Oh, and for now my "writer's blog" is going to turn into a collection of book reviews, until I have something of my own that I can put up there for reading. Just a reminder, it is:

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