Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New York, New York!

So, I had my first ever trip to Manhattan last month! My brother-in-law married a peach of a gal on June 16th and the fam headed out for a few days. Though busy with wedding details all day Friday and Saturday, Matt and I did schedule some time to explore on Thursday. It was so much fun! We went everywhere, from Central Park to Wall Street to Times day is NOT enough time! My sorority sis Jen and her hubby Rob were fabulous hosts and put us up for four a 450 sq. ft. apartment! It was such a blessing to have a safe place to crash and someone familiar for suggestions and directions.

The two things I really wanted to do were go see a show (which we didn't do, but maybe next time) and go to Rice to Riches. It's a rice pudding shop that I saw in the movie Hitch...and its SOOOOOO good! (It's in Nolita, for those of you interested...North Little Italy). Anyway, here are some photos for your enjoyment!

:( I've tried four times to add pictures...I'll try again tomorrow. Sorry :(

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