Thursday, July 12, 2007

Finally, NYC pictures!

Okay, this picture thing is really bugging me, but I'm trying!To the left, we have the theater where I would've seen Mary Poppins...if Shaina had been with me :) It used to be to the right, but now someplace floating around is a pic of the Chrysler Building dwarfing my cute-as-a-button honey (if he ever reads this he probably won't appreciate the button thing, but I don't even think he knows how to access this blog...hee, hee). Somewhere on this post (I'm not exactly sure where, the pictures just seem to pop in where ever they want to without first clearing it with me) you'll see my experience at, yummy-yummy, Rice to Riches!! And then a few photos of the fam at the wedding! More pix and posts later!

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