Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I don't always complain - see!!

I noticed it had been a while since I posted here, but I don't really have much to say (I wish Castle had been on last night, and I'm glad I'll get to see NCIS tonight, but do you really care?).

I decided to prove to you that I'm not a gigantic whiner. I can (and do) recognize and acknowledge the pleasantries in life. That's why I'm giving public props to AVG.

Not only do they provide a fabulous product (if you're looking for an anti-virus program, I recommend this one), but they could teach Delta a few things about customer service (FYI - my next flight is scheduled on Southwest...sorry Delta, you've lost me).

I digress...

On Black Friday I bought AVG for my 'puter and it came with two rebates: $20 for buying it, $30 for proving that you switched to it. I sent in my paperwork and waited. When I got the rebates, they came in the form of credit cards.

If you haven't gotten the rebate credit cards, you aren't missing much. They're okay (I've discovered that they don't always work at some locations). That's what happened to me - I charged $24.99 of my $30 card for a book that I wanted (needed, craved!) from an online source, then spent $5.01 elsewhere. After I'd used up the card, I had the sales clerk cut it up and toss it. When I checked my email later that night, the card had been declined, so I still had $24.99 on it, but no card. (Is this making sense so far?)

I decided to give AVG a call to see what they could do. Not only were they able to verify that I did still have some money on a card, but they immediately reissued it and put it in the mail. Less than a week later I opened an envelope to find another $30 card (not the $24.99 I'd been expecting)!

Not only did the original phone call take less than 10 minutes, but they gave me a little bonus (even though I'm the one who tossed the card).

So I'm an AVG girl now. I hope you'll give them a chance, too.

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Joanne Sher said...

Awesome! LOVE AVG.