Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let's Make It Interesting...

It's official - Fox is preparing to cancel Fringe. Any day now I expect to hear the news.

Okay, it's not actually "official" in the sense that Fox hasn't actually said they're going to cancel it, but the signs are there. It's been on the edge since it started playing on Thursday nights in 2008. It's now on Friday nights. That, my friends, is the Prime Time kiss of death.

I don't know all of the statistics about TV ratings and network schedule planning. What I do know is that Friday night television shows are generally crappy. There are always a few exceptions, but Friday nights tend to be a dumping ground for the iffy shows. I can't only postulate that's because most people are out doing things on a Friday night (though I doubt many of them are in church like your's truly). No matter where they are, if they aren't at home, they aren't watching the tube. And if they aren't watching the tube, the shows aren't getting the ratings. And if the shows aren't getting the ratings...if I have to finish this thought process for you please contact me privately.

It breaks my heart to think of Fringe disappearing. As far as sci-fi shows go, this is truly one of the better ones. It's not nearly as cheesy as the shows on SyFy (maybe they've gotten better over the years...I haven't checked recently). And it's not quite as disturbing as Buffy or Angel (I'm sorry, but there are no good demons, but that's a whole different subject).

My point is that Fringe fills the void for us sci-fi fans - we deserve top quality weirdness (thank you J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman). Since I fear that this may be my last season of Fringe, I'd like to offer the writers a suggestion - let's make this interesting. Here are my ideas:

- Faux-livia is pregnant with Peter's child: give the baby some kind of medical condition where s/he can only survive in this universe. Then Walternate will have to decide - kill this universe, or let his grandchild live.
- Destroy this universe: Let Peter pick Faux-livia, go to the other side and overthrow Walternate.
- Build a time machine: You've toyed with it before. This time, make it happen - let Walter go back in time to heal his Peter. Since it's this side that figured out how to travel between universes, neither side would ever be harmed because Walter never would have crossed over. Therefore Fringe Division would never really exist, thereby making the entire series it's own alternate reality.

So there you have - my suggestions for ending a good run. I hope to see you around again next season, but, in case I don't, I'd appreciate it if you would consider my suggestions.


Camille said...

You are the only person I know who watches, much less LIKES this show.

Blue Bloods and CSI: NY are on CBS on Friday nights. It's my second favorite night of TV, with Tuesday being the first.

Karin said...