Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Lost World: A Review Worth Reading

Matt and I decided to start the day with a good old fashioned cheesy movie. Hulu has a fabulous selection of dumb movies (67 pages worth), so we had no problems finding a flick. We decided to go with the 1992 classic, The Lost World. Really - who wouldn't want to watch this movie:

Two rivaling professors, a journalist, a young wealthy woman and a teenage boy travel through Africa in search of "The Lost World": a place where dinosaurs still roam.

We could tell from the beginning that this would be epic. We were right. In the movie's defense, I was only able to stay awake for the first five minutes, then woke up for the last thirty. It might have been a good show while I was asleep. In fact, Matt said, "This was a B-movie when you were sleeping. Now it's a C-movie." I can't help it that I helped him notice the movie's flaws.

The hook pretty much sums up the story. Matt and I agree that it would have worked much better if there had been a little more production money left over for special effects, props, set, and screen writing. I'm pretty sure they spent most of their budget on hair gel to make sure Erik McCormack maintained that helmet head look.

I admit, as soon I started watching this it turned into Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I just couldn't help myself. It definitely made the time pass more quickly.

When it was all said and done, Matt and I have decided to rename this movie. You won't understand this if you haven't seen the movie (and it may confuse you if you don't know my niece), but here you go: 

Man Ho and Ugly Slut Take on the Good Ones and the Bad Ones (then release Percy, who becomes Rodan of Japan)

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