Wednesday, January 19, 2011

May it be your treasure...

It finally happened!! A truck, a trailer, and three guys showed up at my house ready to haul away as much stuff as we could offer.

Wanna know how much we could offer? Here's a glimpse. (I forgot to get a photo of the other room - it contained a bedroom set and dishes).

Matt's been meaning to get rid of stuff for years, but he doesn't want to toss it, he wants to donate it. Since we don't have a lot of free time (and we obviously have a lot of stuff), I made a call to see if someone would come pick it up for me. Thank you, Hope Chest.

They came, they loaded, and they hauled our cra, uh...things, away. 

Look at this nice trailer, full of books, clothes, and furniture donated by the Beery fam.

Now I can see the floor in my guest room...

...and my living room!!
It truly is a good day at the Beery house. Now how should I celebrate?!

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Joanne Sher said...

Chocolate!!!! (but that's always my answer, to be honest LOL)