Friday, November 12, 2010

Gettin' Into the Christmas Spirit

I'm definitely not organized when it comes to posting blogs on this site - sorry about that. I'd like to say I'm changing that, but I don't want to lie to you, so here's the deal:

A few weeks ago I agreed to be on a "blog tour" - a lady set up a schedule and then would invite people to different blogs on different days. It helps you discover new blogs (and lets new people discover you). Unfortunately she's had some stuff come up and she won't be able to get it going this year...but I've already written my posts!

Since they're already done, I'm gonna post them over here (how's that??). The plan is to put up one a week for the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I'm pretty excited about this - it should be a good time. It was fun (for me) to sit back and write a stress-free article (no worries about tone or word count). I'm always thinking about how things will look in the paper or periodical that I sometimes miss the good ol' blasts of random thoughts.

So that's the deal, peeps. I promise I'll have fun pictures - k? K.

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