Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vacation Update

Sorry there aren't any pictures yet. I forgot to pack the computer charger for my computer, and I only have the adapter to put the photos on my laptop, so you'll have to wait for this weekend.

Though I don't have pictures, I've got stories :) For reference, here are the people in the stories:
EG - 2 years old
Mommy - My sister
Ba Ba - aka Babcia, Polish for Grandma
Ja Ja - aka Dza Dza, Polish for Grandpa
Nannon - EG for me
Mommy: EG, wanna get ice cream?
EG: Tay!
Mommy: (points to food on plate) Not until you're done eating.
EG: (picks up plate and walks to kitchen) Done! Go bye-byes!
Mommy: Dza Dza needs to finish eating, then we can go.
EG: (picks up Dza Dza's plate, still full of food) Done, Ja Ja.
Nannon: (whistles at EG, like a man whistles at an attractive woman)
EG: (points finger at me) No, Nannon! No woo-woos!
Dza Dza: Are you stinking EG? Do you have a stinky diaper?
EG: No!
Dza Dza: I think you're stinky!
EG: (giggling) No!
Dza Dza: Stinky butt, stinky butt.
EG: (more seriously than a 2 year-old should ever be) Ja Ja, I not stinky. (EG turns her back to him and sticks out her butt) I not stinky.

So far, that's all I can remember. Lots of cute pictures, but I can't put those up. Lots of funny chattering, but it's hard to write those out because they aren't really words.

She's exhausting us. Well, her and the 29th Olympiad. If we could pull ourselves away from the TV at night, it might be easier. Actually, it is getting easier now because we're so exhausted we can't stay awake.

My computer chord is coming today, so I'll have more photos soon!

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