Monday, August 25, 2008

Michigan August: Hot & Cold

The sing about late August, Northern Michigan days is that it can be humid and warm during the day (near 80's, sunny), but when the sun goes down it is just NIPPY!

Take last night, for instance. Yesterday was GLORIOUS! A wonderful, sunny day. Overnight, however, it was only 51 degrees! Dang that's too cold for me!

But I always have my adorable, hard-working, sees-life-differently-than-most-people honey. He read the weather forecast, looked at me, and smiled.

"It's getting cold - only four months until Christmas!"

:) Everybody needs a Matt in their lives to keep perspective.


Valerie said...

I wonder if somehow that is the reason that I felt compelled to name my child Matthew (which is shortened to Matt on occasion)... so that I could keep perspective??

For example... yesterday he was asked if he could stick out his tongue and touch his nose... what did he do? He stuck out his tongue, and then touched his nose (with his finger)! HA

Camille said...

he he Valerie -- that is just too cute!

That also means ONLY four months until I am no longer pregnant and can enjoy a new baby!