Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Baby and a Truck

Saturday night we enjoyed dinner at the Amber Elk Ranch in Scottville, MI. You can see some pix on my sister's blog (www.growingupgabel.com). These are a few of my own.

First, Cammie with Ella and Baby Abby (or Baby Babby, as Ella says). Abby is the daughter of our sorority sister from Kansas City who just HAPPENED to be in Michigan that weekend!

And here we have Ella riding a John Deere "truck". She's a big fan of "trucks" (aka lawn mowers). Uncle Matt is very proud to know that his young niece not only loves princesses and all things pink, but also big rigs and anything with a V8. I think she'll grow up to drive a a pink semi-truck some day. Until then...

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