Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I've finished my first book. Well, I finished the first rough draft. There are still many more hours to commit to this project. I don't want to go about my first effort completely half-cocked. I'm just glad to have the bulk of it on paper and out of my head. Yipee!!

And now...off to the world wide web for some help on getting in published. Wow! What's the hardest part of writing a book? Not much. How about getting it published. My GOD its insane!! I literally have a 3" book at my house filled with publishers of everything you can imagine, plus agent listings and contests to enter. I've started researching a lot of publishing houses, trying to figure out the best route to take. In my journies I've discovered some very important tips:

1) It's best if I have some sort of writing experience. I need to enter some contests. Now I have to start researching contests...
2) Agents & Publishers alone want you to have a basic understanding of what they respresent and what they've done. Best way to do that? Read...and read...and read...and read. I currently have a book list of over fifty books that I need to puruse. I got a few out of the library yesterday. Good thing for me I can read a 250 page novel in about 3 hours :) I can get a couple of books down a day.
3) You need to get your stuff out there...to as many places as possible. So you need to study up on everyone and be prepared to write queries...and write...and write...and write.

At this stage of the game, the story is on the back burner, which is actually really good for me. I'm going to keep researching (I'm even writing book reports for myself so I won't forget what each author/publisher/agent is all about...it's going to be too each to get everything confused!). When I finally get a chance to go back to the book I'll have fresh eyes and, hopefully, a better understanding of the how to develop things.

Until then...I should have posted this on my story blog...but I think it got shut down :( I'll try again later.

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