Wednesday, December 11, 2013

An Elk Rapids Christmas, and Other Such Fun

Last year Linda, Matt, and I spent our first Christmas together in Vegas. It was fun, but not a true Christmas - we didn't decorate (leave a decorated tree at home with two cats?? no thank you), didn't have snow, and didn't get to participate in many of the local events. This year, however, I'm going all out, and I'm taking Linda with me.
Why Knot? The brave pretzel vendors.
Well, sort of. I'm trying to take Linda with me, but sometimes it's too cold. These pictures, for instance, are from the Elk Rapids Community Christmas Celebration. I had five people lined up to go with me, but the 19 degree day (not counting wind chill) scared everyone away.

The Miss Elk Rapids court sang Christmas carols with two tough Salvation Army captains.
No matter. I went by myself into the blustery, blistering cold. I walked down River Street, then almost jogged in an attempt to stay warm. Though I was chilled, the volunteers and characters played their parts with enthusiasm and energy (I think it helped them stay warm).

A little pre-Christmas socializing: Dancer left the North Pole to visit us in ER.
Despite being alone, I had a great time. How many other people get to visit with the elves and reindeer before Christmas?

Our town crier traveled the streets announcing the events and selling mistletoe.
And for the kid in everyone, the Christmas train depot. The owner of a vacant store front graciously donated the use of the space to set up a Christmas village. In addition to the trains, carnival, and Santa, a local volunteer organization was wrapping gifts and another group had cookies and hot apple cider.

Welcome to Elk Rapids!
I really wish Linda had decided to come, but I understand why she didn't. Numb legs don't last long.

Choo, choo!
After I snapped my pictures, I headed right home, ready to warm up and relax. Imagine my surprise to find Matt's car in the driveway, but the house locked up and no one home. I called him to find out what had happened.

"Mary (our neighbor) stopped by to ask Linda if she wanted to go downtown. We decided to come by and surprise you."

Ho, ho, ho!
Well, surprise! I was already home!

Since Linda did eventually make it downtown (even if she wouldn't go with me), I figured it would justify sharing some photos and telling you about our small town fun. I'd had to have a post without any pictures of Linda, though, so here's a look at her favorite kind of winter activity:


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