Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Reading Reviews: 12 Days of Christmas in Elk Rapids

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I won't lie - this isn't a book review. It's a shameless plug. I love Christmas. I love Elk Rapids. I love young writers who pursue their dreams. For that reason I'm dedicating this month to a few elementary aged writers who put together a little book about one of my favorite places. Here's the scoop:

This book was written as a tribute to the beautiful village of Elk Rapids, Michigan. Mrs. Veith's third graders from Lakeland Elementary School worked as a team to brainstorm all the wonderful things that our village provides for us. The third graders than continued to research the topics that they choose to complete a page in our 12 Days of Christmas in Elk Rapids book. All the illustrations were also completed by these hard working third graders. This book shares many of the wonderful things that our great village has to offer and why Elk Rapids, Michigan is a great place to visit and live.

I can pretty much guarantee there will be telling. Don't expect any deep point-of-view. Ignore the passive to-be verb. Take a few minutes and celebrate with some Elk Rapids 3rd graders who get to see their book in print. (If you want to get your hands on a copy, you can order it here.)

Wolfsbane by Ronie Kendig: Book Three of the Discarded Heroes series - perhaps a little risque for a Christian novel, but she presented realistic drama in a well-written, non-graphic way. Faith didn't seem as important in this book, but still a large piece of the plot. Just as exciting and suspenseful as the first two books. A great example of Kendig's style.***

Old Man & the Sea by Ernest Hemingway: The first Hemingway book I've ever read. It took a while to get used to - the older writing style is completely opposite of what I've been taught is good writing. Not my cup of coffee, but I would definitely recommend it to my husband.***

Dead Dancing Women by Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli: A fun book because it's set in a small town that used to exist near where I live. The plot, however, was a little unbelievable and it read like it wasn't sure if it wanted to be a literary novel or genre. Not my favorite book, but not the worst I've ever read. **

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