Monday, June 10, 2013

Book Review (and Giveaway!): Talon by Ronie Kendig

All Air Force veteran Aspen Courtland wants is her brother back. The US Marine Corps says he’s dead, but Aspen won’t believe it till she sees his body. Her only hope is her brother’s tracking dog, Talon, but a brutal attack has left the dog afraid of his own shadow.

The truth is something Military Intelligence Operative Dane Markoski has never faced. But now it’s the only thing that can save him—along with Talon’s help. But working with Talon means teaming up with Aspen as well, and Dane swore he’d never work with a woman.

Eventually they join forces to battle the elements and extremists. But if Talon can’t rise up to his former glory for one last mission, the only outcome for all three will be game over.

Ronie Kendig consistently provides fast-paced plots, flawed-but-trying characters, and a bit of tortured romance in her military thriller books. Talon is no exception. From the very first page her expertly-trained characters engage, fighting the enemy as well as their demons. Kendig has a knack for including multiple points-of-view, so you have to pay attention while you're reading, but the different angles keep your attention and give a wider view of the unfamiliar landscape of special ops and military intrigue.

My only issue with the novel is the full-throttle intro, but this is a reflection of the industry, not Kendig. I understand that there's a push to start the story with a bang (literally in Kendig's work), but the immediate action with no character introduction always leaves me feeling lost and confused. Technically Kendig masterfully wrote the opening action, but it took me 40+ pages before the story really pulled me in because I felt like I was trying to keep up. Again, that's not a reflection of the author, but I wanted to mention it. If you're like me you may struggle through the first 40-50 pages, but stick with it. Kendig's stories are worth it.

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