Saturday, June 01, 2013

Cupcakes and Presents and Babies, Oh My!

The Decor
Since she moved in, Linda has bonded with most of my friends. She's not just my Aunt Linda, she's everyone's Aunt Linda.

One of her favorite people is my friend Shaina. Linda met Shaina seven years ago at my wedding. She's been part of the family ever since. When she told us she was expecting, Linda went into super-aunt mode:
Some of the party guests!

She volunteered our house for the baby shower, volunteered my services at the hospital, and even volunteered to change some diapers and babysit. Linda is a very excited adoptive-great-aunt.
Is that a pacifier with a mustache on top?! Yes it is.
 Linda regularly checks in on Shaina, following up on doctor appointments and such. She's been especially concerned with the shower. Together with our friend Hope, we've planned everything ... we just didn't check the calendar.

No words needed.
 Somehow we managed to plan the shower for the weekend that Linda's out of town! Seriously, what kind of friends are we??

No worries, though. With a few bucks and a little planning, we pulled of a mini-surprise shower!
Our youngest attendees.
Linda and I made cupcakes, Hope's fam provided the dinner. I bought some balloons. Hope picked up some guests. Everyone brought presents and viola! Instant baby shower, for Linda as much as it was for Shaina.
Photo bombed by the four year-old.
 The food was great, the company was charming, the weather was perfect, and, most importantly, Linda got to spoil one of her dozens of adopted nieces. Shaina was a sport, adding another party to her already packed schedule.
Shaina & Linda

Linda is definitely not one to let a little thing like 100 miles stop her from enjoying a good party. All she needs is a little time, a wee bit of help, and she can make anything happen.

Coming Soon - July 2013
And now the countdown to baby begins. Linda's already cleared a space on her dresser for a picture of Shaina, the baby, and their cat. She doesn't have a picture of me, of course, but Shaina already has a place reserved. Gotta love Aunt Linda.

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