Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stop Segregation - The Census

Did you know: the Census is taken every ten years to determine the number of seats each state should have in the House of Representatives?

That's it. That's the ONLY reason you should answer the big question - how many people in your household.

But that's not what the Census form asks. Oh, no...they want to know your gender, your age, your race, and, very importantly, whether or not you own your own home.

Why? Will it effect the number of seats in the House? Nope. Will it change the number of seats in the Senate? (If you don't know the answer to this question, then stop now, retake Government 101 and realize that you will always hate the government as long as you don't understand it).

The ONLY reason government wants to know these things about you is so they can use you as political pawns in their great battle for unlimited power.

95% of John Smith's constituents are Hispanic
47% of women dislike Bill Jones
Only 22% of people in New York own their own homes - disgraceful! Let's give them all loans they can't afford so they can default on them later.

This information isn't about's not for our benefit and will in no way help US. It's for THEM - politicians. They want to play the numbers, but they need to know what those numbers are first. They want to figure out as much as they can so they can separate us into groups.

It's not about being American. It's about being the right age, race, and gender to help Sen. Ima Krook raise money, manipulate emotions, and get elected to another year of the good life.

If you're all about women's rights - don't answer the gender question.
If you're all about racial equality - don't answer the race question.
If you're all about keeping politicians honest and bringing the power back to the people - tell them how many people live in your house, then close the mailbox.

**And please, PLEASE remember - if anyone comes to your door and says they work for the Census, ask for identification and don't give them ANY other inf0. There are people working hard to report for the Census...and people working hard to steal your social security number and your identification.

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