Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Class of 2000

Early this morning I had some weird dreams. Just before I woke up I was dreaming about a vacation in Hawaii. Sure, that sounds great, but here's what happened.

I had just landed at the airport, which doubled as a busy train station, and couldn't find my group. When I finally did, we were all sitting around in the station because one of my sister's bags was missing. Instead of going to the hotel to wait for it, everyone thought it would be a good idea to stay at the airport (huh??). After two sweaty hours, I decided to go to the hotel, and most of the crew came along. The hotel, however, was cylindrical and spun every few minutes. Not only was I getting dizzy, but I could never find the room because the hallway was always spinning away from the door.


But that's not what hit me - it was the people in the dream. My college classmates.

I can't believe it's been 10 years since we graduated from college. Our senior year we took a trip to New Orleans and had so much fun that we agreed we should do something every five years...and then reality set in :) More than half of us have kids (not!), less than half of us are still in Michigan, and do any of us have a "vacation fund" we can tap into for another fun trip?? Not here...I need a new car!

And then there are those pesky schedules. Planning a vacation was a great idea when we were in school, but who really gets spring break or summer vacation anymore? Not many of us. And during the one annually schedule get-together (Homecoming), I usually have plans (how about you?).

I'd love nothing more to jump on a cruise ship with my gals from Hillsdale, but how easy would that be? We'd need 12 state rooms for six girls because some of us (I'm looking west to California) are regularly breeding :) Unless we wanted to leave them at home, there would be a lot more testosterone going with us. And no matter how hard I tried, there's no way I'd be up at noon and out until 2am. Put me on the Senior Citizen deck, because I'm in bed by 10pm. things change. And for as much as I'd love to join my sisters on another trip, I have to confess that I like where I am - with my honey and my kitties in my little yellow office. I love you and I miss you, but I'm also very happy where I am.


Amanda Kaffenberger said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! I too would love nothing more than a vacation with the girls, but sadly, between kids, schedules, and money...yeah, don't see that happening. It was all so much easier back then! Great post!

Karin said...

Thanks, Mandy :)

Valerie said...

I seem to recall an attempt at the five year anniversary - but yes, reality had already set in. Darn all you Hillsdale girls being so productive and talented that you're now scattered around the country!!