Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Commercials? Hardly.

I actually watch the Super Bowl for the game - I enjoy football. This year's game was great (even though I wanted the Cards to win). I do realize, however, that many people watch the game for the commercials. I usually enjoy them. This year was different.

Sadly there have been games in the past when I would rate the commercials as better than the game. There might be a few games I rated better than the commercials. This year we had a surprise entry - movie trailers.

I LIKE movies based on video games and toys from my childhood. I ENJOY movies that have high energy, lots of action, and good looking guys never hurt. This year's Super Bowl did NOT disappoint me!!

Since I don't have TV reception at home I don't get to see trailers. I was THRILLED to see some much-anticipated trailers!!

1. GI Joe (cuz knowing is half the battle)
2. Fast and Furious (fast cars and cute men? sign me up)
3. Star Trek (fast space ships and cute men? need I say more?)
4. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (I've seen Transformers 50 times...)
5. Up (this doesn't actually fall into any of my previous categories...but it's Pixar)

I'm pretty sure there were more, but it doesn't matter right now. Those five movies have me stoked!! I'm so excited for the coming movie season!

And thank you advertising executives for putting these trailers in there for me to see. You have my gratitude :)

[I'm MUCH more excited than this post lets on - I just can't put into words the jumping, pointing, and squealing that happened when I saw the GI Joe trailer]

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